Murph-A-Roni ?

20170822_195959No no…Don’t let this bother you. I am aware it is a lizard atop my dishes!

Let me explain:

You see, because I keep my pal kissably and cuddly clean he rests on a blankie perched in the kitchen window as I clean my kitchen. But, he gets bored of that and ventures off.20170822_200514 Or down!

Or up!

I avoid wasting water. But occasionally Lil’ Murph will slide down into the sink to do this odd scrathcy, swimmy thing with his hands and feet. He’ll drink and scratch and blink at water droplets! It’s adorable! I can’t even handle it! So, I leave the water streaming a warm trickle as I squeal from cuteness, eventually bringing play time or whatever this is to an end. After all I’m getting hoarse and I have to get things done and I can’t with intense cuteness unfolding before my eyes!!

“Give me lizardry or give me Death!”  -Dawn Renee


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