…Or Not To Poo

20180313_083131     Lil’ Murph hasn’t been feeling well. Most bearded dragons brumate (similar to hibernation) in the winter. This is a worrisome time for reptile owners because it’s as though their sweeties are nearing death. However, this is March. Murph isn’t brumating. Also, Murph just had his 1st winter. Juveniles typically will not brumate for they haven’t the fat reserve + I think they’re too excited about life to go all ‘blah’. Murph is however, perfectly poochy but he’s losing a little weight. He’s only doing a poo once a week. Once his poo-time became irregular (a few weeks ago) I began to log it. I will make an appointment for him if the things I do within the next 2 days do not help.

     In my post “Choosing A Home Within Your Home For Your Scaly Companion” (Oct./2017) I discussed how to create a cheap, yet pains-taking (& pain-inducing on the part of the laborer) enclosure. I mentioned that I cover it to enclose heat & humidity. However, what I thought to be fine for my previous little angel (this was Copper’s home) may not be best. I never claim to have it all figured out. To this enclosure, now the only one I have, I will seal 2 sides and top with plastic sheeting. Then, I’ll recover it with my aesthetically appealing something-rather, leaving be his window view and the door at the opposite end to better retain heat & humidity.

     He’s not eating very well. A few days ago I warmed slightly for him prune baby food with a little filtered water & olive oil given orally with a syringe after a swim. He hated all this and didn’t understand why Mommy had to traumatize him. The swimming always helped Copper poo immediately. The details of this action can be seen in my post titled: “Poo” (Jan./2018). It seems to help Murph poo the following day. Murph had a good healthy-looking poo Moday afternoon and ate (on his own accord) organic green lettuce drizzled with 2 crickets, water and the baby food & oil and was his happy, spunky self.20180310_190334      As you see, and as warned in my “Poo” post, they will shut down and float. It’s vital they take a swim break on your hand but to keep them moving between rests, and not to keep the swimming episode going for long even if it’s unsuccessful.

     I’m going to better his hydration, continue with liquid and soft food (only a couple crickets here and there for protein), and collect the next poo in an old pill bottle (kept with his belongings incase needed) and refrigerate it, for if a continuance of the problems remain, I have a fecal sample to take to the vet. For those who care, I will update all as to what happens.20180318_12452720180317_152651I need Lil’ Murph as much as he needs me!   ♥♥

*horrible, just horrible pic of me, but more importantly….look at him, just look at him! Too much aww-ness

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”         – Dawn Renee 



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