…Still Waiting…

20180320_170623.jpgHow often does it occur that one wants sh** to happen? Well, in the cases where a person is worried about their baby, human or otherwise, quite often.20180321_200123.jpgLil’ Murph has taken to unique postures lately. We are waiting for the big poo. He’s been constipated and a vet visit appears imminent. His substrate is his own collection of sheets and things of pamperdom (I make up my own words) and a neat rough stick on which to bask or help him to scratch off old skin. Thus, he hasn’t ingested sand and eats a variety of produce (never citrus, of course). I’ve upped his liquid intake, heat & humidity. I don’t know the cause of the poo-lessness. He’s nearly on an entirely liquid diet of slightly warmed plum baby food mixed with filtered water, olive & castor oils with a little calcium powder. He is being so good about it!20180321_200130.jpg20180321_200237.jpgHe’s getting cleaned up. I should’ve gotten him out of this position, but I couldn’t. Just couldn’t!20180324_181531.jpgThis is what Murph is doing this very minute! Warmed by his lights, I hope this helps. In a bit I’m going to massage his belly on the right side near his vent to attempt to loosen a blockage. So, this is what’s going on with us right now.

He’s being adorable.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”   -Dawn Renee


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