I’m Having Too Much Fun With This

20180317_154054.jpgLil’ Murph had a few too many crickets one night….

20180317_153400.jpg….He met this chic

20180317_153307.jpgHe really likes her.

20180317_153642.jpg“Can we keep her, Mom?!”

20180318_124527Murph: “Uh – huh…I’m awake. What did you do with her?!”

Me: “All is well Love, she’s in your hammock above you.”


Lil’ Murph was posed yet again (in the 1st three pics), to some-what play in the realm of silly human occurrences – this one being St. Patricks Day.

Poo update: Murph’s actually enjoying his liquid diet 2x – 3x daily. I’m going to get canned pumpkin (no additives) as I’ve read this helps. It’s seeming with some dragons this not-so-daily poo can become their norm, but I will remain observant & cautious. All bodies systems’ change, but I’m not ruling out there’s a problem. One thing I read & one I watched : https://www.beardeddragon.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1358284

among others, has made me choose to delay another couple days before a vet visit. His beard isn’t black, no signs of distress or discomfort. He moves his legs just fine. I detect no lump or blockage in his cute belly (near the vent or elsewhere), though I still massage the area.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”   – Dawn Renee


  1. Your blog just entertained my daughter for an hour. I sat here with her and showed her every picture of Murph and she LOVES him!!! Loves his pillow and how he snuggles and his orange pillow.

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  2. Then after that my husband had a full lesson on lizards with the photos. He had no idea they could be walked and that they behaved with the love and compassion dogs and other pets have. I loved sharing your story!

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  3. Ahahaha! That’s awesome! He was educated by your daughter, I assume? How old is she? I already know with your being her parents, she’s a fabulous soul. Thank you so very much for the sweet last sentence too!!


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