Aah…The Comforts Of Home

2018-05-17_10-37-57“First, we have the Mommy person’s embrace!”


20180502_1512432“Next, we have bizarro places. I was happiest here when I sandwiched myself upon this with the fuzzy top BEFORE it was slid out from under that metal thingy….and BEFORE Mommy bonked my head on it to get this nonsensical photo!”


20180416_1854021“Oh I love being vertical!!! …Or partially!!!”


20180418_1910011“Why yes, yes my nosey is smushed into this concealed metal opening that happened to be perfectly level with the clutter on the table – for my comfort, of course!!!”


20180418_1908271“….So much comfort here!”


20180502_1958172“Uh-huh…the vertical nap, it happens.”


2018-05-24_07-41-01“This contains some of Mommy’s rock collection, silly human has had one since she can remember.”


2018-05-24_07-33-07“I’m not sure but I think she tucked this stretchy exercise band inside for my comfort!!”  “She’s so thoughtful!!”


2018-05-17_02-42-38“Aaahh…the great outdoors!!” “So great in fact, that when Mommy takes the dog-thing and myself on a walk, I still-fully soak up the sun as I perch peacefully upon her shoulder until I recognize my yard. I then scramble to show her I do not want to go indoors! Albeit this is not foolproof.”


20180530_063954“My Lamby and my little bed (not to be confused with mine & Mommy’s bed), they are comforts of home that I need and deserve!!!”


2018-05-27_07-09-22“Finally, when I have to be comfortably (but sometimes restlessly) caged, this is a position I master beautifully every day within my enclosure. It is my favorite position when I am not found in my hammock with my left hand draped leisurely over the side. Sometimes I maneuver my pillow to be half on & half off my basking spot here to be directly under me. Mommy doesn’t know how or when I do this neat trick. She told me it’s so cute that I do that. It makes me happy.”


20180331_202106“Am I cute yet?!!”

“…the Picture Pages capture a spark of my beauty. Unexpected is my wit, like a poem or frozen melody encapsulated for visual interpretation. My humor and spirit shine through with the assistance of human words because this is truly an aspect of how/who I am. Well, Mommy makes me feel this special anyway!!!  Sadly, most lizards, among others, aren’t loved. Therefore, it isn’t acknowledged or cared about that although we’ve no voice, we’ve no shortage of character or caring capabilities. Thank you for spending your time to know me from afar. May the exposure to my unique ways allow you to love, or even like a lizard or other silent animal elsewhere.”   ♥ Lil’ Murph


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” ♥ Dawn Renee

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