Don’t Forget To Feed The Food

2018-05-19_01-15-23     Didn’t know lizard owners had to be insect care-takers did ya? Here’s the scoop on that: Lizards need protein and many, if not all normal people supply this in the form of live food. You’ll see why I state this later!  As such, it is humane to take live food out of their in-store containers and place them in, if you relate to my sense of logic, a transparent container with air ventilation (um, atop the lizard cage in front of the window) so they can see the world before they die. This may be stupid but I’m cool with it.

     To be more ridiculous, keep wormies supplied with the shredded cedar chip – looking stuff they came in because it’s their nature to burrow. Give crickets a hide to congregate within. Why not give ’em a good life before it’s gone? Wormies & crickets that lizards will eat need to be supplied with a little dish of water (a bottle cap-full will do). Do toss in rinsed produce in the form of grapes, leafy greens or whatever.

     Never give the critters what you wouldn’t give directly to your lizard (i.e. citrus is toxic to Beardies). What the critters consume your lizard will be consuming. Discard un-eaten food after a day & replace with fresh. Please see here as to why gut-loading the critters prior to being eaten is important. Plus, it’s not polite to let something starve to death.

     I need all to know Murph was only in that wee container up there for 30 seconds – long enough to eat 2 wormies (superworms from the pet store). The reason I placed him within the wormies’ abode is because I don’t like grabbing them with rubber tongs or anything to transfer to a dish, because despite their upcoming fate, I still don’t want to squeeze & hurt them. I don’t want to collect them with my fingers because, well, they grab my skin with their little legs as if they’re fighting to hold on & not be placed down as food. This breaks my heart.

     I feel like a murderer when I struggle to descend them & karma is extra uncool to me. I have my own views about life. An honesty about myself is that I happen to have an affinity for guns, martial arts, knives, swords, military vehicles, very much including fighter jets & all things bad-ass! However, I try with all my might to not kill innocent critters of any species. They’re all beautiful & should be allowed to live their lives, in my opinion. After all, it’s not a spider’s fault that it’s a spider, and it strives to survive. Who am I to decide it shouldn’t have it’s own life?

    Which, loops me back around to the wormies. So the ONLY reason Lil’ Murph is eating live food is because I am trying to entice him to eat like a normal lizard again! He typically gets his protein from some produce (sigh – now in the form of smoothies) and un-salted crushed nuts (sigh – now added to said smoothies). He decided to behave like a human infant & stop eating solid food by himself (My out-of-the-country trip really messed him up, I guess). However, everyone….he ate (by hand though) solid food 3x in 2 days (besides wormies)…. un-seasoned chicken and cantaloupe!! Maybe we’re getting closer to the goal. That being typed, he currently has had a pyramid of sliced bananas near his hungry self for an hour now. It remains un-tounged! 

When Lil’ Murph ate like a normal lizard:


It’s a bit blurry, but look at that adorable Dragon skull structure!!!

Lil’ Murph doesn’t have a normal Mommy. Why should he be a normal lizard? Meh, ordinary is often boring anyway.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee



  1. Now I have a little guilt over the worms I got from the store and stuffed down the little birds throats I was rehabbing!!!! I should have given them a moment to hang out first!!!! Totall being serious


  2. I will stop while driving the car, I kid you not, to move an earthworm out of the freaking road and I thought not one second before putting a meal worm down that bird’s throat. But he did have food and breathing holes in his container while in route…to being eaten…

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  3. What’s funny is I told her I could not go back there ever again and so she decided I could feed the bird scrambled eggs from her free range chickens instead. So I was ok with that. That place…not good for me to see snake food!!!! I still have nightmares!!!!!


  4. Oh I’m so happy to know this. 2 reasons: Death averted and Another human does things like this. I am not alone!! Havn’t moved a worm YET, but will pull over to get insects off windshield so they don’t suffer wind damage!


  5. Do you KNOW how many times I have pulled over for a tree frog!!!! We even pulled over for a snake. I have a video of that!!!!! I will have to post that. It was so so so funny.


  6. That’s awesome! I would love to see that! My chinese zodiac animal is a snake. I’ve always had a something special for the scaly sorts. Hey I don’t live near tree frogs…many people just drive over them don’t they? I knew & watched a woman (whom needed much sense knocked into head) in my rear-view hit a turtle possibly on purpose. Humans are the worst! Present computer company excluded


  7. I can’t fathom the even idea someone would hit anythign on purpose.
    Have you not seen my frog photos? I hold them and talk to them all the time. We have snakes all around our yard. Even the poisonous ones are doing no harm to me. They move along. I watch out for them but don’t kill anything. I never have.


  8. She was a dark & shallow soul. Anyway, I’m thinking I don’t recall seeing your froggies. Which is odd because I’ve viewed so many posts


  9. I just posted some of my photos saved on my instagram. They are just taken with my ipad so not all are very clear but you can see my love for all creatures there. And the last pic is the tree frog we pulled over to let off the windshield


  10. Bethany, it won’t let me comment on that! Did you do all that so I can see them all? I love Tomas. I love that you de-web bugs (was that from the before mention kitchen spider you said could eat when your back was turned?) Your owl friend is wondrous!
    K, so I have a thing about noses…they’re so flippin cute. I want to kiss a horse (& others) between the nostrils! Goats are awesome. And Bethany, why are lizard and fish and frog lippies so cute to me? They’re so cute that lips become lippies! I have a different language in regards to animals. These photos are fabulous! Not ipaddy to my eyes. I smiled the whole time. THANK YOU


  11. Yes i did all of that so you could see it. It won’t let you comment?
    Tomas was wonderful. I adored him.
    I love animal noses. I kiss them all. I have a different language for them too. Lots of cute words for all these cute creatures!!!


  12. Thank you for that! You posted it so quickly! Eventually I was able to comment. When I viewed by clicking at the conversation, the post just ended without the option to comment or like. When I went to your site like the regular way, I guess, it was all normal. So, all good there. And yep, in lizard language, the most odd word may be cantaloupe, pronounced cannywope. Sigh, questions I asked Copper & now Murph (with the y in ‘you’ dropped) is “Duz ooo wanna go bed?” and “Is ooo hungy?” So animals hold the power of reconstructing language!


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