Adorable In Every Light

 Negative Murph:

“Hey, Mom… I am not wall decor. I don’t get you sometimes!”


Indigo Murph:20190128_182124“Are you fixing to grace another wall with my presence, Mom?!”


Murph by candle light (and blue, and purple, and green):20181031_150658“There’s something on the ceiling.”


Murph by sun light, up-lighting, and down-lighting:


Green light, red light:


Sepia Murph:


Moonlit Murph:20190120_184930.jpg


Polarized Murph:

Look at photo #4 here, see Lil’ Murph keeping his fingers elevated? He does this often, and with his toes too.


He looks great as a black Dragon too, doesn’t he?!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


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