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Have lizards won your heart?

Have lizards broken your heart?

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    Please help us give lizards a happy life. We cannot do this on our own.

   What’s happening at Lizardplanet is a highly-anticipated effort, an on-going support system for centers that care for lizards and no-kill shelters!!

     We are soon launching, what I hope will be a successful adventure to assist those caring for reptiles, providing them opportunities of adoption, healthcare, and happy days for the remainder of their lives!!!

This will be done through a simple ‘Paypal’ payment button provided on

and/or an affiliate program, wherein a portion of profits from purchases made through this site in regards to lizard health will be sent to helpful organizations that are devoted to helping our little lizard friends!

     The number of those facilities assisted by us will be determined by the feedback we receive by you and how many we find that appear to truly use funds wisely and honestly.


Please view the 2 links below and see for yourself more reasons why they need us:

Link 1:

A little opinion about what you just read:

    People would be “up in arms” if these killers were yanking kittens out of trees while they slept to bash in their skulls! People would find a different solution to the cat over-population problem, even if it meant tree patrol operatives. Is it justifiable to choose a creature and say, “Okay folks, kill as many as you can, there’s plenty.”?    I know people have jobs to do, how so many willing participants can be recruited for this work is amazing in a sad way.

We may never have a global solution for iguanas and other reptiles, but what YOU and WE can do together may give good lives to those allowed to live!

Link 2:

Based on the story within the link directly above, this organization is highly considered for donations:

South Florida Wildlife Center

PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST IF YOU KNOW A PLACE WORTHY OF BEING CONSIDERED IN THIS CONCERTED EFFORT! Will you leave suggestions, comments, or links at the ‘Contact’ page or below in the ‘Comments’ section? Thank you!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥ Dawn Renee

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