This Green Iguana Has A Type-B Personality!

Please meet Mr Wizard:

Mr Wizard has left the planet.       

(or is one with it)

Thank you special boy for adding joy to your human’s life and to we whom get to see you still today. Hope the best for you in the lizard afterlife.        

Is that too much?  Oh well, there it is.

Is he rockin’ out to ‘Big Band’ music?

“Did You Know Bearded Dragons Are Music Snobs?”

I love these videos because I think they capture how funny, kind & intelligent the beautiful Green Iguanas of this world truly are (in most cases, of course)! 

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video 1:

video 2:

video 3:

video 4:


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee




  1. There are days when I’m “In The Mood” for Glenn Miller. Back in the day people figured out how to dance to the stuff: ). When Big Band is good, it’s very enjoyable. Murph remains unimpressed. His pastimes are comedy, looking adorable, cuddling & philosophizing, lizardly.

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