Here Is Proof – Lizards Are Intelligent

Contemplative Murph

The lizard in this video knows to enter the house through the doggy door when he wants to come home:

These lovely darlings have a happy life and are amazingly smart:

It seems to me that lizards and other reptiles are very underrated. Many people respect them about as much as they respect insects (whom can actually show reasoning skills, by the way). A lot of people assume cold blooded creatures have no emotions and are simply dumb creatures. In my opinion, these videos show otherwise. I hope you enjoy them & are pleasantly surprised by their abilities to learn!

We have more videos in the lineup to share with you about how lizards show their love! It’s cute stuff! If you know of a great video you want others to see, have a personal story about a loving encounter with a lizard or have a cool reptilian friend, we’d love to showcase it in a new post (along with your name, unless you prefer to remain anonymous)! Please share the love in the comments below & we will add them all to future sharing, or you may remain the secret story teller via our ‘contact’ page where names & info will not be public!

As always, we encourage visiting the sources of videos directly, so the creators may get the likes, comments & subscribers that is deserving. Thanks for watching!

video 1)


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


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