We’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Oh Murph….

“Yeah, what’s up, Mommy?”

Brother’s Campfire nominated us for an award, Murph!

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“No kidding?!
Right on Bro!”

Murph & I appreciate this, is that his excited face?

Our friend at Brother’s Campfire has notified me that Lizardplanet.com has been nominated for an award. I never expected when I started all this typing for a website, that the site would be considered for such bestowments. It is the 2nd nomination for LP, the previous nomination wasn’t played out to completion due to there’s a choosing game involved in nominating others. Since I clearly see the difficulty in choosing nominees, that makes being chosen extra meaningful. I know nominating others may result in our dearest supporters receiving more friends. However, though deserving, I suppose I will be opting out in that department. I don’t know if anyone else does so & hope there is understanding for that decision.

I think Bro (as I guess he is called here : ) over there has some interesting questions and I believe they were thought of for a reason, I am happy to answer them. I think questions & truthful answers help us all know one another a little better so here goes what he asks his nominees:

1.How would you describe what your character would be like in an ongoing medieval fantasy tale?

Answer: I love many things about castles, so I’d be a princess who loves the king and queen dearly, yet can’t subdue an innate rebellious trait. I mingle with everyone of the lands & listen for what their favorite foods are, surprising them with it on a random day. I wander in the forest for hours daily, enjoying all it’s glory & life. I redecorate the grand rooms without permission & the king can’t find anything. He chuckles to himself despite the hassle because it’s a part of who I am & guessing where I could have possibly placed what he needs is nearly amusing. It’s not uncommon to find me giving the court musicians plenty of ale as I encourage them to play music to which I can bang my head or actually sing & dance to. No one in the castle appreciates the decibels reverberating through the corridors or my attempts to add variety to the playlist, except the queen, on occasion. The people outside grin when they hear the music because they know what I’m up to in there.

2. What is your favorite seasoning?

Answer: I love spicy food with complex flavors. I have to say, I think garlic should be a tabletop condiment everywhere.

3. How do you feel about current events and how do they affect you?

Answer (oh boy): I try to stay out of the beam of bs. I do not trust many sources of information regarding what’s really going on in the world. I learn enough to form opinions & do my best to be prepared for big mistakes made by governments or people (including myself) while remaining optimistic about the future, the well- being of our world’s animal friends, our children, etc. I don’t want to be affected, but it’s not easy to avoid.

I am affected in this way: I am saddened by the sufferings of people & animals around the world, as are others, but we cannot dwell on it, we must live our lives and help others every way we are able. We can punish those that abuse animals & try to find solutions for people (if physically able) to be capable of providing for themselves, those they love, & pursue happiness. I believe, so it seems to me, people are, now more than any time in history, more accepting or tolerant (even if they disagree with it) of others’ ways of life, be it religions or lack of, sexual preferences or lack of, & so on, so long as those people are generally decent folks living the life given them & not spreading hate or destruction.

I think humans are generally seeing one another for their own merits – who they are at their cores & no longer hating them for how they think. So, I cringe when I hear of how whiny so many are & I am worried we are getting a new generation of misguided complainers who will not see what is right nor fight for it because they are preoccupied with being offended, getting social media attention, & possibly trying to find ways to not work hard for themselves or their families. I hope the very best for the appreciably tough, big-hearted, independent-thinking young men & women in every beautiful land in finding ways to live with such a bunch. If I’ve offended anyone, I hope they can move past it & have a good day.

Well, I’ve done it. Whew… I’m glad others cover world news and/or their opinions about such. I will stick to sharing the joys of lizard parenting, hopefully growing smiles with their reptilian antics, showcasing the funny, sweet & smart Lil’ Murph, and attempting to make a change in the treatment of reptiles so they may live fair & happy lives.

Thank you again for the nomination, friend. It’s a pleasure to visit your site.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


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