Does Toe Hair Have A Purpose?


….It’s as though we were designed to walk using these feet, but not here. We are the only creature I could think of with feet that have no protective characteristics. No scales. No pads for cushioning. No hooves. What do we get? We get a little toe fuzz.

Thanks 2 a.m. brain!

It didn’t end there. I went on to ponder… Well, if I’m seeing remnants of evolution in big toe fluff (which doesn’t necessarily disprove a Creator), and we just don’t need all that hair anymore, I hypothesize we’d have more stubborn hair follicles than just those lingering in the toe tops (& on men that little bit on the top of the foot) with the rest of the entire foot being baby bottom soft!

If humans have lived in freezing climates & during an ice age or 2, with all the naturally occurring cycles of glaciers advancing & retreating over the eons, we would have needed feet of pelts to stay warm naturally from frigid temperatures & icy waters!

Flowing with thoughts of cold water, I wondered, Is it possible to find a dolphin’s pulse?

Thanks 2:10 a.m. brain.

So, I thought of the dolphin. How perfect it is for what it is. I then thought how perfect all animals seem to be. That, naturally, carried me to lizards & how perfect they are… right down to the protective membranes of the their ears.

…..but wait. Their bellies & throats are so soft.

That doesn’t seem protective against rough rocks & such. I then quickly realized why their bellies are so smooth (& cute)!!

The tiny scales are enough. After all, they don’t normally rub their bellies opposite the scales’ pattern. They don’t walk backwards.

…..It’s for comfort. If their camouflaged bumps or protective spikes were on the underside, where they’re not exactly needed anyway, it would feel like lying on a bed of nail heads.

So, 3 a.m. brain soon ‘reared it’s ugly head’ babbling on & on, silently, about seemingly pointless ponderings, but that is another story.

I think, possibly with all the heavy, important thoughts that occur daily, that come the midnight hour my mind says, “Hey, we’re taking a break & doing my thing for a spell.” So okay. Whatever needs to happen to give me what I need come the Dawn.

Stuff like that though, when you roll with the thoughts that just ‘pop in there’ can be windows to an unexpected view…. Like a child seeing the stars without trying to analyze the gases & matter that they are or attempt to read them to map their current location. Such experiences may not be enlightening upon our lives on a macroscopic level, but they can be tiny “A – ha” moments that enable us to appreciate what we may not notice when our duties drown out thoughts of which we are unaware consciously or otherwise.

A point I’m trying to make is, when we see animals ( & insects too) and then look at them with simple thoughts, our appreciating & detective eyes often take over, they are beautiful in every way and apparently designed to perfection to be here.

Being on such a rarity in space & time as this magnificent place makes me feel a stranger in a strange land, yet somehow, so at home. Strange life.

Atop all the awesomeness of the animal kingdom, is that each and every one of these animals have something invisible, but we can perceive it with more senses than only our vision. They have personalities, emotions, & a will! And even the fish have them. I’ve met some smart & loving ones… not joking. Not imagining things either. Also, that’s daily brain, not 3 a.m. brain : )

Sometimes it really seems like my lizard is attempting to figure me out.

That makes two of us.

If you would love a lizard of your own… keep loving Murph though, please, visit here for everything you need and why. The purchasing of items in that page will help to keep us operational & help in the care of lizards in facilities. Info about that is found throughout our archives, as well as in the menu section. I am here to answer any questions or concerns in the comment section or ‘contact‘ page. Thank you.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee

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