I must take a quick minute

…. to thank our loyal friends. You know who you are. In an instant you like and comment to Murph & me! I don’t know what you do for a living or how your spare time works or perhaps you have excellent time management skills, but thumbs up to you & your being so quick to support. You are appreciated, friends.


  1. I’m looking forward to the day Murph wins an Oscar, goes up on stage, takes a bow and then leaves without giving an idiocy laced speech on politics and culture which most run of the mill Hollywood celebrities are prone to do.

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  2. That is so okay. you’re a speedy ‘liker’. After posting, I know, “Any minute now I’m going to see those cool shades pop up.” Comments are very wonderful, but they don’t necessarily trump the supportive ‘likes’.

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  3. That is awesome! Thank you so much. You always paint mental scenes & that one’s precious. Ya know, it’s so like him. He is just such a character to break tradition & be classy about it. He’s already an admirable non-conformist. “Idiocy laced speech” is a fabulous description.
    hollywood is poisonous

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