Monday Murph Mirth VII

The Mirth of today is a 38 second long video of the Bearded Dragon we know and love…

He’s been like this all day, folks!! He does not want to be caged. I tried to tell him he needs his lighting. He won’t hear it, he’s on the move and does not care about the technicalities. He must wear his bell when he spends time on the floor. It helps me to know where he is and I get to giggle when he jingles. I build walls (in a way) so he stays in the room where I am.

However, he has learned how to knock down one of the cardboard “walls” and does it every time I prop it up. Why? He wants to enter the dining room to hop onto the climby thing & watch the big outdoors! Smart boy. Stay tuned for Murph tearing down the wall! That wall doesn’t do the job. Until I find a solution, his determination is enjoyable to see. He’s so cute when he’s destructive. : )

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Thank you! He is so funny & I don’t think he knows it. Thanks again, some carpet cutting, about 30 hours of household chores & a car detailing later, that $2 bottle has impressed me : )

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  2. He so is! I tried to upload a video of him knocking down a barricade & jingling while he ran around, but it was too long. I’ll try to get a short clip of his technique today. I think you’ll love it! He’s definitely smarter than the dog.


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