Monday Murph Mirth VIII

Today we are going to enjoy:

“When Murph Wants Out” as he scrambles over, climbs up, wiggles in between, and elevates himself onto different items in a desperate attempt to get what he wants (& deserves).

We haven’t done one of these for a while. There’s more photos to share, we’ll get to those on one of the next episodes.

The goal – To be outdoors.

If only he can use his climby to scale the heights…
“Mommy, I kindly demand you open this door.”
“Let me think here… hmmm..can those sawhorses possibly be of any use to me? No. What if I try the side of the door that normally doesn’t open again? If I can squeeze myself thin enough, and push against that screen door with all my might, I just may be able to knock it off it’s track. Here goes…”
[Silent Grunting]
“Umpph – maybe if I just put my leg up here, and push with my back against the door, I’ll get this sucker open.”
“Alright, Love… I’ll stop what I’m doing. We’ll go outside.
Better now, man?!”

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