Lizard Love: Some Have It, Some Don’t

“How can you love a lizard?” My grandmother asked to my mom when it was mentioned how sweet the family lizard was.

Mom tried to explain, but Grandma just wasn’t having it. She believed lizards were ugly & lacked qualities commonly desired in a pet. That’s alright, she didn’t care to understand. This is the same woman that took off running to shut herself into a closet when my uncle brought to me his pet tarantula! We could barely make out actual words she spoke on the way there, but I’m sure if all were audible, they constituted the makings of a thorough griping at her son for bringing ‘that thing’ (G’ma called it) out!

A bit later, the muffled voice within the closet was sheer amusement! Probably, those words made sentences such as, “Is it gone yet?” And “You brat!!” I was aged around 6 years at the time, and I was in awe beholding ‘that thing’!

For Grandma, any amount of closeness to the beautiful arachnid was too close. And boy, that woman was quick!! She may have already been in that closet by the time any white hairs flying from her head had time to hit the floor!!

So, Mom was proud of her grandlizard without the understanding from her own mother. She accepted that. So what is a grandlizard? It’s the same as a grandchild, except that it’s a lizard! Lil’ Murph is my mom’s grandlizard, but unfortunately they never met. This grandlizard my mom loved is Copper. I know that she would love our awesome Murph for who he is, as she loved Copper for the special girl she remains to be in our hearts.

Some people get it, some don’t, & others refuse to. Some people appreciate lizards from afar, while others are open to the idea of having a unique animal to befriend.

People who love their lizards can be a serious bunch – from showing lizard pics to anyone that may be interested to dressing them in costumes!

Some may say they have us wrapped around their little tails.

Today is a good day to discuss how we, or people you may know of, may love a lizard.

We’re going to introduce some bloggers who know what it’s like to be the parent, relative, or friend of a lizard. We’ve never done this sort of sharing because we have so many valued friends and ongoing supporters – for all they offer in content, knowledge, enjoyment, and even their characters, I never thought it appropriate to single out any one (or multiple) talented individual(s).

However, sharing bloggers’ sites, of whom I know have had personal bonds with lizards is what’s happening. I decided to do this because the most important reason exists is to help lizards. I’m convinced, due to many kind comments we’ve received, that our site, the reading of comments by others, & Murph’s charm, of course, are changing people’s views towards lizards.

Some who once disliked lizards & thought lizards are creepy, feel less strongly so now! A couple of people who once considered a lizard no smarter than an insect, have told us (in their own words) they have learned lizards are sentient beings, and actually quite cute!! They actually thanked us for showing them, they had no idea, and that means a great deal to me! I think that speaks volumes to their characters.

Maybe, I thought, we should show more proof these animals are awesome and revered. People are getting to know Lil’ Murph and care about him!! They are proving to me our work at is not in vain, and perhaps they’d enjoy meeting other lizards.

Lil’ Murph

We have either stumbled upon the blogs below, or they liked our posts on, or shared awesome stories with us (or both). We’re grateful to have encountered these individuals and learn of their compassion and scaly family members.

First up, we have this site:

Now, Lee here covers a variety of subjects. After digging through his archives, I found this, and hope you’ll watch it.:

We’ve known Lee for quite some time, within that time he has shared a lot with us. We’ve learned that he once had a very special Green Iguana. Igor was his name. Igor chose to sleep on top of his cage or on his perch. One day, after Lee noticed Igor was outgrowing his juvenile perch, Lee set it aside. This visibly upset Igor, and Lee had to give it back. Lizards have favorite things too.

Not only did Igor roam the home freely with his family, but he traversed the staircase when he wished to do so. Can you visualize a gorgeous 5 foot long lizard strutting up the steps like he owns the place?!

It gets better… Igor’s aunt (Lee’s sister) had to give Igor a bath one day, and to this day still remembers how calmly behaved he was, what a good boy he was for his bath time… that was nearly 50 years ago!! I’d say he’s another lizard that made a good & lasting impression on someone.

But, wait, there’s more! Igor was also potty trained!! Sometimes humans can train them, other times the lizards themselves decide where they want to do their business (when they are given options)!! Since Igor lived mostly out of his cage, he climbed into his cage to potty! They are smart, folks, they don’t want to be around that stuff.

Next, we have a visual on Sunshine the Bearded Dragon! This site also has a variety of subjects, and here, you may witness the growing up of one very loved lizard. His parent and best friend is Amy, a young lady, who perhaps like me, has adored lizards since the beginning of her time. She is an amazing lizard mommy, and I’m happy Sunshine has her.

Amy holds her Dragon, reads books to him, and dresses him in costumes. I think you’ll enjoy his attire here:

You can also watch Sunshine growing up with Amy here: What a beautiful relationship they have!

Here, we now know of Geyri, the Uromastyx:

Her mom is a wonderful mom. She has a variety of subject matter in her posts, and keeps us well-updated about Geyri. After meeting her son & daughter-in-law’s lizards, she visited a reptile show with them. The experience taught her the type of lizard she wanted, & later she met the lizard she wanted to love.

Around the ‘like’ section of her post in that link, you will see ‘Related articles’. There, when you click on them, you will get to see tiny Geyri in her new home. Her mom posted excellent videos showing Geyri explore & think. Geyri’s mom is an advocate for purchasing lizards from trusted breeders, and not supporting those that capture these sweet creatures from their homes in nature, most often then transported in horrible conditions to pet stores.

This is “Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog 2.0” Yet again, there’s a variety to be seen here, and her family has a Beardie that hangs around outside of the cage with his family quite often. And, of course, I love that because lizards are family members too, not animals to keep imprisoned all of the time.

I thought this was a cute post because not only is that a precious face, but it shows how he was sitting safely near family. This sweet boy, Maypo wanted to get warmed up.:

We hope you visit these fellow lizard lovers and enjoy seeing and reading of their special friends.

It’s so easy to love lizards…

Many larger lizards love to cuddle, especially Murph here, as did our Copper.
Murph loves to cuddle with his brother. He waited a long time for his bro to come inside this day to visit with him. Murph knows his brother’s name. I say his name a certain way to Murph when I tell him his brother is here to visit. I’m not making this up: Murph’s eyes light up in recognition of what I am saying & he acts excited!
Lil’ Murph

Please visit our homepage @ and tap that menu icon for tips on caring for lizards. Visit the contact page if you need advice regarding lizard care, or need assistance with adopting a homeless lizard to love (names & e-mails are never shared). We humbly accept Paypal donations to help us pay for our site, or sharing us on social media may help us too. And of course, you can bounce around in the archives for more Murph!

1st 3 photos above:

Photo by Tom Fisk on, Photo by Krizjohn Rosales on, and again, Tom Fisk on

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Lizards are sweethearts. I can see through Geyri’s demeanor, I know she is great! If lizards are aggressive, they are too wild & frightened, or have been traumatized, neglected, or abused by humans. Even so, they do not desire to injure us. They can cause minor harm, but it’s rare when surrounded by knowledgeable people that love them. Some are naturally moody, but still sweet. Yes, it’s sickening what people have done to them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Same. The only way to make things known is by utilizing the freedom of communication that we do have, for now, so that others may know the terror of wild caprure. Many people don’t know things unless they’re shown. If 1 person knows something useful and shares it with another, and they in turn, share it with another, there’s a chance that one day enough people will know, and some of them may be capable of causing a difference & will execute it. I’ll be hanging out on the soapbox with you from time to time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOVE this! But my sister is in your grandma’s camp. She thinks lizards look too much like “that serpent, the devil” and thinks they are somehow evil. When I worked in a college biology lab, I got to handle boa constrictors, rock pythons and lizards, and came to realize none of these creature have anything to do with the serpent of Genesis, nor the dragon of Revelation. They have their place in God’s creation, and are amazing, and most are the gentlest pets one can “live with.” Note, I do not say “own” because they are too intelligent to treat as a slave! 😊


  4. Nice and lizardly. We’ve had Beardies, chameleons and Tokay geckos. various tarantulas, scorpions, and all kinds of snakes. I think my daughter has a beardie, a couple of tarantulas and a scorpion.


  5. Thanks!!
    Oh no, your sister needs to meet Murph! If he can’t convince her that lizards are like spikey teddy bears, or angels in scales, I don’t know who can!!
    I wonder how you got in that reptilian situation. Im happy to know you did that and had a neat, enlightening experience there. I do feel a wee bit intimidated when I’ve held the constrictors & they move. I second-guess myself that I may not have my handling just right. They are such beautiful & strange creatures. For eons snakes have represented wisdom. That representation is found in ancient Egyptian works & more. I admire what you stated about us not owning these beings. You are so correct. Maybe within the silence of lizards & snakes comes observance & the intelligence you speak of. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks! I didn’t know all that. I only know of sweet Blue. If you’ve posted about them since we found you (or you found us, I dont remember now) I regrettably have missed them somewhere. I’ll search the archives if they’re in there. And wow, that’s more lizards than I have had! I’m wondering now if scorpions like being petted.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ah. okay. Thank you for hunting that down. That was quick! Seeing Tristan’s tarantula made me realize I can’t remember what my uncle’s tarantula felt like. It looks soft. Awesome V-day gift for her!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. They are soft, but you have to be careful handling them. They can get injured easily. The really fun critters were the giant African scorpions. They were very easy to handle and not as fragile as the tarantulas.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh, me too! It’s a joy every time to find another kindred spirit giving a lizard a loving home & proper care. We can all share with others how sweet & beautiful they are. I hope it helps lizards somewhere.


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