Monday Murph Mirth 4

“Murph!!! I bought something for you!”20190118_112223-e1552308698113.jpg“What did you bring me Mommy?”


“Here it is!!!”

20190118_112326“Aah!!!  I love it!!”


“I wrote your name with it’s sequins!”

“It feels scaly, but it’s cuddly and beautiful, just like you Murph!”     

“You love me a whole big pile, Mommy!”


20190119_072042“Indeed, I do… and, your chin poof is amazing with sparkles on it!!!”

“Who’s got cute chin poof!?!”


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. In my house lived a Lizard. He found a girl (maybe he/she) was a girl (than found a man) and I have never seen again him/her.
    It’s my avatar now.
    Wait, I made an article about the Lizard


  2. Lizards are so special, did you see the two of them together? : ) I shall like to read the article. Is it located within your blogs, and by chance, in English?


  3. Yes a few times I saw them together. Thinking my friend want to show me the partner. They are very smart and intelligent.
    I’m a native German, so sorry for my German-English 😁


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