Oh, Murph …

What a special boy he is!

Just look at that face!

First, why are his toes facing upwards? That happened just a bit ago.

Secondly, you who know Murph know he is superbly calm & loving & funny … so that black beard is a peculiar event.

The Murphster, with his cute legs. He’s nearly always doing something weird & adorable with them.

Raccoons can wreck a room within moments and they may think you are a living toy as you attempt to clean!!

Ah man, but they are SO cute when they do it! Have I mentioned Gypsy is now practicing her lunge & jump attack capabilities? !! Oh yes!! I might add, she is quite good!! Skilled. Self-taught!!

She looks like an angel, doesn’t she? And, she is
… when she doesn’t behave like a hellion.

I have constant small wounds and some nice, new white claw scars on my shoulders that won’t tan, but, I’ve also been loved, kissed, groomed & thought of as a mother by a beautiful, wild animal, so it’s all good. What an experience!

I have to keep a dog from a raccoon, and vise versa, and a coon away from our special lizard, Murph!

What am I doing?!! How did I get here again!?!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. He often pouts when I bring him inside. He becomes like liquid lizard, he shuts down and I must pour him out of my hand. Next, I must fix his limbs because they are bent any which way from the pouring. It’s ridiculous & adorable.

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  2. “The Many Moods of Murph”, I like that. I am so glad you see the moods by looking at him. It often seems you’ve had a lizard. Perhaps you almost feel you have in knowing Murph so well.
    : )


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