Why Does The World Need Lizards?

Lizards are good for the soul !!!

Don’t believe me?

Lizards are good beings to have around. Aside from the fact that lizards have a diet that (sadly – possibly beneficially) lessens populations of insects & other tiny creatures – what humans often consider to be pests … and aside from the fact lizards are (& more sadly than the 1st) food for others …

Lizards can show us the way to peace, Zen, relaxation, even meditation.

See ….

Lil’ Murph is feeling peace.

There is a good chance that no matter what you consider to be the up-most experience of peace in life … lizards may be the ultimate companion for you!

It doesn’t matter if you come home from a tough day at work or need breaks from working in & around home or need to catch a mental break from organizing papers, maybe you’ve just returned from a mosh pit at a heavy metal concert, whatever your story …

maybe lizards can help you chill, lower blooded pressure, ease anxiety – you know, stop you from punching stupid people. They are special beings. They Live in the moment. They either bring you back to Earth or take you far from here.

Let me show you why and how.

Here is Murph to show you. If you have eyes to see, you can see peace in his eyes.

He thinks. Lizards think a lot. They absorb knowledge, same as any creature on this planet & maybe a little differently.

Sun-gazing Murph

Lizards gaze at the sun, the sky, the Earth that is their home. They are beautifully in sync with their surroundings. You must put away your phone, your thoughts, and BE with them as you observe your lizard’s behavior. When you simply watch, just watch, they take you to a special place that maybe you have not been to since you were a child filled with wonder. Do you remember before everything was labeled and we analyzed everything with ever-busying minds? You will also learn them, learn to interpret their body language, and discover their unique personalities!

Maybe, It’s just me. I see something sacred in their gazes. They speak with their eyes, they have no voice.

Lil’ Murph’s beautiful eye

It is my belief this state of being, this given existence, allows them a silent wisdom. They observe. They listen.

Look closer

It is said (possibly paraphrased), “You can’t learn anything if you’re too busy talking”. Watch, listen, learn.

In time lizards learn their humans, they realize what a smile means when it is directed at them and when it is they whom you are speaking to so kindly. They also begin to sense the vibes within their environment.

They understand humans have something uniquely their own – negativity. They learn humans’ faces become wet when they feel a certain something from their humans – sadness. These things are ‘felt’ by all animals and lizards as well.

They are cold-blooded & aware, not cold-hearted & dumb.


Remember your animals sense & feel what you do, or what is the room. If you love them, try to let them only experience the love and happiness, (this, as you would hope to achieve in the presence of children) for their days are numbered too.

Bad vibes effect their well-being too, I promise. You’ll be doing both of you much good by banishing ill thoughts & using your will to be strong & positive if you are in the midst of poor characters in the house. If you lose a loved one or something bad happens, you may slip up and have to hold them while you cry, and do you know what? They’ll forgive you.

“Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend” will show you more. My apologies, I’m having technical difficulties inserting links, so I can’t make it a title to click on at this time. I won’t complain if you must travel through the Archives : )

However, that post may be found in March, 2018, as well as the homepage of Lizardplanet.com. There at the home page will be found a little ol’ donation button to help us. If you wish to assist & can comfortably do so, we are so thankful.

Brotherly love

More about this amazing ‘Brotherly love’ will be found within “The Lizard And The Tower Climber” 1-17-2020.

Remember, sad & lonely lizards can be adopted from facilities. You don’t have to go to pet stores where they keep replacing their “inventory” from suppliers that house them in terrible living conditions, cruelty is common at these places.

If you need assistance in finding an adoption facility near you, please leave a comment, we will help you any way possible. If you wish to donate to us, that is fantastic : )!! If you wish to donate to a facility that needs help caring for sweet reptiles, or to wildlife rescuing individuals (that often spend their own money to help animals), we will help on our end there as well.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Beautiful .. expression big emotions as always…yes pets have the ability to keep the human grounded to earth…to halp.them.release stress..
    Stay blessed Renee..🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol, thank you. This means so much. Lizards are very unappreciated living beings and cherished friends among too few. They have shown much love to me in times of need, and comments such as yours inspire me to continue showing the world the precious friendship and smiles they provide. Thank you.


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