What’s It Gonna Be?

Don’t do it, Mom. You probably shouldn’t do it.
This is Lil’ Murph’s land, too. I shall be free to have and love the lizard, animals, & others as I choose, & to not have the economy destroyed by political dictators or rioters so that I can afford to care for them. These are the truest fascists of all, they may not even know it.






And we may never see another that speaks without the bubbles, unicorns, & fragrant fairy farts & some amount of “proper” political training bullsh**! You know, those big flowery speeches that say a lot of nothing, really. I prefer straight to the point with no sugar-coated side tracking games. No matter who it is, it’s respectable, at least. As seen in the next click below, if you will.


And oh my … what the people come up with (haha!) :


…. just sayin’ 🙂

Respectfully, I will not be responding to comments on this one. I don’t care how our friends think politically or religiously. There is more to life than that. I’m just putting stuff out there that someone else already has, be it sad or comical. Good job compiling, to you video editors & the like. Once you visit these channels, like, comment, or subscribe to they who have done the work, if you wish. That would be cool.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée

With respects to:

“Give me Liberty or give me Death!” – attributed to Patrick Henry (3.23.1775)