Have A Happy Rest Of Your Weekend, Everyone!

My gorgeous vertical Lizard King between his Lamby & hammock
Murph is such a special boy!!

… just look at the the light of soul & thought in his eye! Check out that chin poof … that gorgeous, soft belly … those little thigh folds, oh, what adorable knee caps, too … oh my goodness! Such gorgeousnes!!! He is a living sculpture of cuteness to behold!!

Gypsy is a fuzzy wuzzy princess!

I want to quickly update our friends, as we had so many kind gestures, comments, and a couple of people checking back with us regarding Murph’s human grandfather.:

It turns out, after speaking to the urologist, Murph’s grandpa has had a growth known to be there as late as 2013.

This is actually good news, because chances are, it is not cancerous. And he feels fine. He does not want to get a biopsy at his age & we understand – with all seeming alright presently.

We still hope he can live with us & enjoy more peace in life, as well as more wildlife.

After his having made the hour long drive to visit us, and seeing our home for the 1st time in December (thanks to Sis & her gps), since we moved here around 15 months ago, he is eager to be here with us.

Special things & memories live within the walls there at Dad’s house. But, times change, often against our will, I suppose. I reckon the most important thing of all is togetherness, no matter where.

So, a big GIGANTIC thank you to those who truly showed your hearts to us! You are all awesome!

Lil’ Murph, his grandpa, & brother dog 12.22.2020

Please tap that donate button (if finances allow) at lizardplanet.com. This will aid in care for Lil’ Murph. He will get a savings account for medical care, bulb replacements, calcium & vitamins, and hopefully many, many years from now, a cremation, as did his sister, Copper.

More updates later regarding Murph & his sister raccoon, Gypsy (whom he can’t be around, unfortunately). They are both beautiful … separately.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Thank you Dawn. Howdy back to your dad. Looks like he’s enjoying the time at your place ;-). He’s in luck he can be there. There are so many terrible stories about elderlys who must stay alone at a retirement home with no visits from family and friends, only because of that “virus”.
    Love to you.


  2. Will tell him : ) he is not here to live yet, only came for a visit … we need to alter our house so that he has a bedroom & bathroom all his own & we are dealing with his home mortgage company. That is a long story. Currently, the assisted living facilities are easily making our elders prisoners, yes. 30 minutes daily visiting time in a central room only. No personal time. Every time they leave = 14 day quarantine to their rooms & no company. So what about those who have an appointment every week? = prisoners to their living quarters = bullsh**!! I know this after talking in depth, a video chat actually, with the director/manager of one of them, locally. I know the rules apply across the entire borard of similar places. Perhaps not so much it is their rules, or what they expect the masses to want, but maybe it is the elites making decisions to alter our world to a swarm of subordinates.. Bet their grueling class’s parents or grandparents arent suffering the consequences as ours are. Oh no, they dont follow the rules they set in place. Thank you for supporting & commenting. Good luck over there.

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  3. Thank you Dawn. Good luck to you!! I do agree with you thoughts. Seems terrible times are coming.. with the big dictatership.
    I do not know how exactly the rules are here with elderly people, but I can imagine it is the same. I’ve already seen photos with elders touching the visitors with a plastic foil between them.
    Have a good day. We are having snow today. Looks very nice, but I hate clearing it on the sidewalk. 😉

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  4. Thank you. Didn’t intend to be so negative there. I watched my mom suffer in facilities, despite my arranging for her to go to a better one. So, that subject hits a spot in me. I know what lack of freedom & interactions do to people physically & mentally.
    Yes, snow is beautiful for looking at, not dealing with! : )

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