This Guy ….

Lil’ Murph: Character at large, who inadvertently, is a model for the reptilian population

The Murphster

“Whatsa … what’s goin’ on with you guys?”

“I fell back while eating some leaves. I will just chill here thusly for a spell.”

You can spread knowledge about how special lizards truly are by sharing us on social media. If not us, someone else. Please do what you will to get the word out. Lizards are beings too, and they are gorgeous & sweet & need loving homes.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Roger, I believe you are correct. He must know he’s handsome. Lizards know stuff. I bet Sunshine feels cute. I’ve asked him if he feels cute, but he was unresponsive. He’s the silent type. However, I do think I sensed some quiet confirmation.


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