Murphy and His Grandpa

Grandpa finally learned the way of loving the lizards. He baby-talked to Murph, saying as he does to animals he loves, “Eee whoopie, eee woopie boy (in an excited and inspiring tone for them to make their next move)!” I don’t know why. We all have a different language for different animals with whom we grow a bond.

My dad is a beautiful man, of heart, of courage, of gratefulness for every simple and meaningful delight in life and of sustenance, and more. He has shown a supernatural strength when protecting his family. He is full of love and is just as strong and stubborn inside as outside. He is amazing and I love him, I love him “a whole big pile.”

He’d declare that “my (his) pile (of love) is bigger than your (my) pile.” To which I cave. Maybe I love him more and “the mostest” but, I’ll just let him win this round, because just maybe he is correct (but perhaps not).

Things are not well. Dad/ Murph’s Grandpa has been on hospice since early May. Aside from maybe 7 (ish) hours a week, I am the sole caretaker. My sweet mother died in a nursing home 5 years ago 6-22-17. She had too many health issues and amputations. I could not do for her what I have for Dad.

He will die here in our home. I have done my best, but now it seems I could have done better. Today is also his birthday. It lands upon Father’s day every 4 yrs.

I am not a fan of silly, human-made days. Regardless, Happy Day to the fathers. To those who have lost their fathers, some things will never seem right or just, and we wish you very well. And, to those who have wonderful fathers, know that time is not enough. We all have lives to live, but use it wisely. Do not regret not enjoying, loving, and simply relaxing with them, if at all possible.

We have many helpful posts to publish for the lizard lovers out there. We may be away for a while, but we’ll return. Take care friends, followers, and supporters.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” Dawn Renée


  1. Wonderful father’s day post. Sending good vibes for dealing with these difficult times.


  2. […] My dad was moved into our home so that I could care for him until the end, I could not leave him alone for however long it took to get Murph to a vet & back. No one could help me for this to be accomplished. Add to that – every website and the doctor led me to believe it wasn’t pressing to get Murph seen regarding his “cute wittle toofers” + I was 99% sure his tremors were not the result of metabolic bone disease. I also knew I’d spend a minimum of a few hundred dollars on testing alone to see what the matter is. […]


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