Special Delivery For Murph

We had a cat perch delivered today. I picked it out for Murph. I scrolled, and looked, and thought, and read reviews about different ones. I typed “Window perch for lizards” and they didn’t pop up. Unappreciativeness for lizards is seeming widespread.

Anyway, this “cat perch” was inexpensive, but seemed quality enough for Lil’ Murph’s weight. It’s supposed to hold up to 30 lbs. (.454 kg) actually. Now it’s a lizard perch, a Murph perch. He loves it! He is watching me open it:

3-31-2022 3:35 p.m.
Ta-da! 3:49 p.m.

Pillows beneath… just in case.

5:19 p.m.

Held up wonderfully. It actually took some yanking to pop these suckers off! Quality.

And then… he didn’t want to be moved. But, he was cold as a poppysicle (he’s too cute to be simply “cold as ice”), and needed his lights and warmth from his enclosure.

We will be placing this thing amongst multiple windows. Murph gets bored of the same view from his enclosure (as would anyone). This is better than my stockpiling pillows or whatever else at a window to rig him up with a view as I toil throughout the house.

Warm and toasty, and cute, and perfect (had to show you his silhouette on the hammock: )

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée ❤


  1. You read lizards… He is.. he’s just a bit on the ‘blah’ side about they grey, cool weather. Yeah, thinking he’s liking the perch. I’m sure he knows what this means in the future as well. You know they can be so smart.


  2. Aww, Cindy, thank you. And we love what a wonderful friend we have in you here!
    Ya know, if you spent one day with me, then one day with Murph, I think he’d take my spot.


  3. Missed you, Moni. Thank you so much, I try to be.
    That spot will be a fairy garden when it warms. I just wish i could successfully transplant moss there. I do have your email address floating in my own. I will send a photo when it is done, if you’d like. How are you and Tom?


  4. That sounds very lovely, a fairy garden! Moss would look great there. but probably a special climate or special trees are needed? I am not in with moss. But love it.
    of course you can send me an email. that would be nice. I am not so often online anymore. All these news bad and good are making me tired. I prefer doing stuff in my house, walking the dog, looking in the sky, waiting for fairies. Tom and me, we are going well. thank you for asking. ♥

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  5. This day he liked it. The other day he wanted me to set him up at the east window. He kept looking up at it. But, since that window had quite a drop if he chose to leave the perch, I placed him at that northern window again. He had an obvious discontent, but settled. I’ll set him up in the east window today since I’ll be in there to watch him. : )

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