The First Responders – Of  Blogging

At, Lil’ Murph & I have received very unexpected support from bloggers and email subsribers!! So much so in fact, that we have to say,  “Thank you, and you’re awesome!”

You have shown us that you take time to learn of people and sweet lizards too.  

Murph doesn’t require any actual First Responders here. He is not broken. The character that he is just shines forth from his positions.

“The First Responders – Of Blogging” (as I have dubbed them) are they who, nearly always, are the first handful or so of people that have a strange knack for “Liking” or commenting on what you’ve just posted, often immediately.  

They’re living their lives, doing their own thing… you’re on the opposite end of a country somewhere publishing a post…  and “Bam!!” 


It’s almost as if their support senses were tingling and they stopped what they were doing right quick to be your pal and support ya!

I suppose some keep their notifications turned on, or check in on the reader and their emails a lot, but I like to think of it my way better.

This is cool. If you don’t have “First Responders,” hang tight, you may very well meet a wonderful group of them.  We did.  It took time, and they are well worth that waiting spell.  Our “First Responders” know who they are.  We thank you, friends. 

Our other awesome supporters are quite a bit like us.  They’ll get around to us when time permits, and we can always count on seeing them around. They do not let us down!

Murph and I have gotten such kind, and entirely heart-warming comments from people!

We have been thanked by these people,  literally thanked, for showing them (can’t do it without Murph) that lizards are sentient beings!!

Indeed, lizards actually are sweethearts, with personalities. Each one possesses the ability to love us in return for our own. If they are not sweet, have patience, that may be blamed on their treatment & experiences in life thus far. They  are not creepy animals, and are beautiful!

We have also been thanked simply for helping people be less frightened of lizards!  How about that!?  I give nearly all credit to Murph for his charm,  handsomeness, love, comedic ways, and wit (as in keen intelligence).   Yeah, I said “wit.” 

I also want to accredit Copper, Murph’s sister, and Goliath, Lara, Sara, and the nameless ones, as well as all lizards for making me love them and giving inspiration to continue our website.

I wish,  I so wish I had taken screenshots of those thankful comments to show you now.  However, if you are so inclined to hunt around for them, they will be found in the “Archives” (older posts). 

What I can do,  rather, what Murph and I agreed : ) we could do, is share an example of similar appreciation shown us.  However, in this particular way, we were mentioned in a blogger’s post. 

Thank you Rebecca. Check it out:

Within that post, Rebecca states that we inspired her to tell her story about her petting a snake!! The snake however,  charmed her, and she spent quality time with that Rosy Boa.    Love that!

I have been claimed! Some may declare this is a lizard only wanting warmth.  I assure you, when (already warm) Murph walks toward my face & lowers his belly onto my throat, or his chin upon my cheek, these behaviors are, in their own rite, lizard hugs.

I also will like to say that we have been mentioned in others’ posts as well. Those awesome supporters nominated us for various awards. 

We apologize to those who have nominated us for not expanding on that  –  the requirements of which involves answering the nominee questionnaire, creating our own inquiries for our own nominees, and spreading the cause in showcasing others’ talents and interesting subject matter.

Perhaps you’ve learned that it’s just not our style, and generously excused us of  the expectations and niceties.  Please don’t contort the non-participation into unappreciativeness. We should have reached out personally to convey our heartfelt sentiment for the wonderful words about us during the nomination processes.

We rarely ever single out our supporters, because each individual person is vital, creating the whole of an amazing support system that helps to  fuel our reason for being Lizardplanet. We’re mentioning Rebecca’s post because we want to share with you that…

What we’re doing is having an impact! Some people who never before thought lizards were special, are thinking, “Hey, actually, this little guy is kinda cute!” and “I never knew lizards could have personalities.”

Murph has people around the world that care about his well-being and enjoy seeing him in photos. I like to think every one that cares about him cares a bit more about lizards everywhere in general now. We are “Converting The Masses To Love Lizards Too” one person at a time!

Because many people do not know how sweet reptiles can be, or experience what perfect companions they can be, they are sometimes the forgotten ones of the pet trade.

You can throw a dart anywhere at a map, and by far,  more often than not,  there isn’t an exotic animal vet within a 50 mile radius of that dart. There simply are not enough people loving these amazing creatures.

Lizards need our help.  They, as well as turtles, snakes, and more are experiencing ungodly living conditions,  if they survive at all,  before arriving at pet stores.

We recommend visiting a reputable breeder, but if you fall in love with a certain lizard at a store, go ahead and save it. It is wise to research how large they get, how long they live, what their requirements are, and know that you will give him or her time and love.

But first and foremost, we recommend adoption. There are not enough lizard lovers to give loving homes to the lizards already born. If you need help finding your ideal lizard friend, contact us.

If you want to know what really is going on behind the scenes, and see just how some people do not see value in lives of the innocent, watch the videos in our posts:

If We Love Animals, We Must Not Support The People Behind The Animal Mills

The Cruelty To Reptiles

Tortured Green Iguana Receives Help

Thank you.


I love this!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. I see i happen to be the first-first responder. This just happens to be because I finished going through my Reader page, I refreshed it, and up you popped.
    But I’m not one for getting a lizard.


  2. You are the first first responder! Happy about the poppin’ up. Haha. Thank you for that. I’m going to see many awesome reads I’ve missed on your site here in a minute…maybe I’ll beat the 50th responder slot on a couple.

    There’s no fur or fleas with lizards! They’re quiet, they’re cuddly! If you change your mind, let us know : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. For some reason you weren’t coming in on my feed. I hope I have it fixed because I absolutely love your posts. I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to the world of lizards. Thank you for your posts. I learn a lot from them.


  4. And we all have our fingers crossed about the LACEY act. Oh. My little Geyri isn’t the only lizard here any more. Friends run a reptile rescue and they had so many animals, and sometimes they rehome some of them to good homes. She said, hey, do you want to give Chuckie the chuckwalla a good home? Well, I said I would only have one, but Chuckie is adorable and he’s part of the family now too. He is a character; it only took a couple days to start to see big personality. Rock on with the good work you do!


  5. Yes Sir, fixed for now. I have a notification stating you & others are receiving updates. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Thank you for following us yet again. Glitch in the system, perhaps. You left a comment just as kind before, yours was one of the ones I was referring to in this post. I am going to begin taking screenshots, since I don’t know where to begin finding them later on down the road. Thank you for appreciating lizards with us, especially Lil’ Murph. I told him he’s a lizard with a big life purpose. : )

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Introduced by John Lacey (R), and signed into law by Pres. McKinley in 1900, with reptiles and more added by amendment in ’69. Based on what I’ve read, this is currently in bed with the COMPETES Act. Although there are good things about this. There are still species “whitelisted” for transport. Yes, you have a point, justice needs to be served for our reptiles and amphibians.
    I don’t want this viewed as a political “How can we profit through taxes (certainly not by tariffs) from some of these living imports if we keep them legal?” scenario. If people treated each other and animals fairly, we wouldn’t have to depend on gov’t and hope the results are just.
    So, you have given me an education! I somehow have never known of Chuckwallas, thank you so much for sharing this!!
    How does sweet Geyri feel about her new housemate? Is she still sleepy, does she even know Chuckie is there? 🙂
    You know I love knowing happy lizard tales! If you feel strongly in your friends’ ability to keep lizards healthy, and if it ever comes up on my end that someone in your state wants to adopt, may I recommend them?

    I’m going to see if you’ve shared photos of Chuckie. Hey, if you get a girly Chuckwalla, you can name her “Bride of Chuckie” (Hope u got the reference – tee-hee).
    You rock on too, with your awesome lizard mom self, and hats off to your good friends. Thank you, friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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