Murph’s Up!

“This is not my weather of preference.”
“But… oh yeah! I’m about to make the best of it!”
“Murph’s up!!”

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. Murph’s intrigued by the snow. He is such a thinker, an analyzer, pondering, I believe, on the actuality of “What is snow, really?” He enjoys getting out of the cage to walk acrossed the way (due south) to the glass sliding doors to see a different view.
    If I open the door, He appreciates the burst of fresh air, but, then he is done with that rather quickly. I offer snow to him, but geniuses are quickly disinterested.


  2. looks like snow, it probably smells like snow. feels like snow. Maybe Murphs thinking of how to get out of this hell, back to the hot, dry world. Maybe when he is closing his beautiful eyes, he can drift back to his anchestors in Oz.
    by the way: his colours are amazing.


  3. It must be snow! Dang! : ) His tail got snow on it during the photo shoots. I warmed his blanky on the floor vent to re-warm him. Wouldn’t it be cute then, if he clacked his heels together 3 times (as Dorothy did)?! He’d have to take me with him.
    Thanks, he is a beautiful boy, I did have to alter the contrasts a bit to make the drifts, as well as him show well with better detail.

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  4. That Sir, is an awesome idea!! A “Copper Calendar” was gifted to me before our recent beloved Beardie died. I never thought of one for Murph. So we’ll put you down for one?!! : )

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