Lil’ Murph Has Lost A Brother

Liver failure. 12 -ish years old. His life with us began from a craigslist ad. He was beautiful and sweet.

Murph knows his brother of more than 4 1/2 years is gone.

I woke Murph to see his brother before he left to see the veterinarian. Murph couldn’t keep his eyes open. I took last photos sensing they would be the last. This is the last:


Tell me, if we make the decision to put our angel animal friends “to sleep” because it is the “humane” thing to do, why can’t a person of sound mind make that decision for themselves in old age while they still have their dignity?

We know of 7 deaths in 5 days, some of those being close to us. And today, Death accepted our precious dog, brother, child, friend and sweet soul, Mr. Bandit.

Murph is at his brother’s bed. The blanket is still at the vet’s. This is his sheet. Murph smelled it. And, he knows. I know he does.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! – Dawn Renée


  1. Bandit was my grand fur baby. He was so sweet! Did he ever meet a stranger?! I don’t think so; he had the biggest heart! I’m sorry my darlings :(. He will be so missed; he had a good life with you guys.

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  2. My heartfelt condolences…I understand what one goes through when a pet leaves forever…I have lost one of mine in Sep last.
    Stay blessed always 🌹🙏🌹


  3. No apology necessary. You’ve sincerely concluded your comments with your name before. I felt bad for not remembering, especially because you support us so. Thank you for reminding me of your names.


  4. I experience that “Like” apprehension on occasion. “Liking” something when we don’t like what we read is an odd thing today. I didn’t want to sadden anyone. I didn’t need comments either, but they are very appreciated, and mean a lot. Everyone knows Murph and cares about his well-being. Now that I’ve sucked everyone into his personal life, I just continue to inform on what’s happening regarding him, the best I can. Murph is very aware that his brother is not here. Thank you for the caring. I will catch up on our friends’ sharings when able.

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  5. Oh, God, this is so sad. I have been a dog person all my life and I know how hard it is when they leave us. Sorry for the late reply. I don’t know how I missed this. If it helps Aristotle felt that the loyal and affectionate nature of dogs earned them a place in the afterlife.

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  6. It’s easy to beat ourselves up about things we should have done, as well as acknowledge who we weren’t for them.
    An apology is unnecessary, you support us amazingly. I did not know Aristotle felt so. The wording is so kind. I believe (not just because it’s a warm & fuzzy feeling) that all our animal friends have souls, something beautiful that survives when the body ends.
    Thank you.

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