Copper and rose

Everyone, meet Copper! This is Lil’ Murph’s predecessor in the realm of pampered lizards. I will introduce her thoroughly later, but here she is pictured because this little girl’s soul awakened in me the reality that the lizard/human bond can be as deep as any other. When she left this world 1-4-2014, it destroyed my own for quite a while. She ultimately is the fuel behind the fire for my passion in this blog because she paved the way for the beautiful friendship Lil’ Murph and I share.

On that, I’d like to share a story with you….

     Years ago whilst speaking to someone whom knew not the joys of lizard companionship, I pleaded my case as to why my phone was so full of pictures. “She just keeps doing cute things!” I exclaimed. “It’s a lizard – they don’t do a whole lot”  (was conveyed by me as this thought hopscotched the air waves in my direction). “No, you don’t understand, see. I’m shutter-happy because she (Copper) keeps making cute faces!” I declared – with this obviously less than convincing fact. Thus, I set out to show her the light! All the while I obtained a warm & scaly feeling with girlish glee, albeit I was up for a challenge! While plucking gems from my photo gallery I said such along the lines of…”Look at her peering up at me!” “Aww look at her look down!” [squeal!!] “Look at her think!” -Here emanated the skeptical gleam from the eyeball nearest me! “It’s a lizard, Dawn. They don’t make expressions.” “But they do!” Exclaimed I. “It’s in their eyes and body language! Her family can immediately identify her mood…when she’s happy, sleepy, lonely, angry about being in her cage, or bored!” “Here!” Showing center-fold quality cuteness, I said, “See her looking out the window? She’s intrigued. And here she’s clearly ready to cuddle. And isn’t she just the cutest little wormy eater!?!” To which was comedically stated: “You need a shirt like the Darth Vadar one that portrays like 9 different moods of Darth, but all photos are the same face….but for Copper.” “Giggle”                                                             

     So okay, this individual is not so easily swayed. This person sees beauty in the typically admired creatures: Cats, dogs, butterflies and so forth. One day a glimmer of light was perceived!! But, I didn’t cast it, My Copper held the power of persuasion! Copper loved to go bye-bye (not all lizards do). Copper, blankie and 1 of her teddies were placed upon her window gazing spot and we ventured off for a short drive to visit  said person. Together we watched Copper walk across the floor, which was precious in it’s own right because she had had a permantently bent arm at the time she was given to me – plus, plus, lizards are the cutest little walkers and runners (and sliders when traversing a smooth floor)! Copper was exploring and in the instant her  hand touched a soft something lying on the floor she raced onto it, flopped an arm back palm-side up & closed her eyes! This perhaps tinged person’s maternal side for it provoked an “Awww…” and a giggle from her lips. “Huh, What was that I just heard?!” I thought. This came from a person that once froze in fear when I absent-mindedly placed Copper in her lap to answer a knock at the door!

 The Tranformation

     Since the “Awww” was uttered, a little change took place. The Lizard Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day!!! Future visits entailed Copper being greeted with a sweet voice AND an unprecedented head-petting! So I shall state here that lo and behold, Lil’Murph is brought to you and me because this special person set out to rescue him from a sad life. She sought my soft spot. Copper was/is irreplaceable. I didn’t have another lizard in my life after Death took Copper from her family, fearing I would only wish any other to be her, I thought it unfair to the next lizard soul I should try to love. But, here was this precious little boy in need of love and life and I caved. It was not a mistake. I miss Copper night and day but I love Murph for the funny, intelligent and love-filled being that he is. Now, get this, this once anti-lizard individual has purchased gifts and food for Murph! YES! And she pets, baby-talks to AND HOLDS Lil’ Murph! She has come far and I’m proud of her.

     Next up, my dad….this wonderful human will not change. I wouldn’t change that. Nevertheless, I show him that which I find adorable, sometimes simply to see the look on his face regarding my squealing at videos & pictures as I feebly attempt to get an inkling of cuteness acknowledgement on behalf of my lizards. In speaking to him of my lizards’ comedic and loving mannerisms, I get, “I’m glad your ‘gizard’ (as he calls them) gives you so much joy.” It is a heart-felt statement from one whom enjoys housemates of the furry variety. For years now I’ve often premiered fabulous videos to him. I keep checking in….”Is she cute now, Dad?” “N-no.” says he – every time. “But look at her poochy belly! Ooh (insert high-pitched squeak) look at her thigh folds!” And “Awww Dad look at his little knee caps!” “He’s doing that scratching thingy…Is he cute yet, Dad?!” “N-no.”



A little side note: Shortly after Copper became part of the family, she went to a veterinarian of exotic animals. She was skinny and of poor health. I believe love and the vitality of her spirit kept her alive in the beginning. She received an emergency calcium injection. 😦 She had parasites and was malnourished. Her left arm was bent either from a birth defect, old injury or calcium defeciency. She was only 9 1/2″ long when I received her. The vet placed a little cast on her arm to no avail. Then the vet suggested re-breaking her arm and installing wee rods to straighten it or amputating it. Her arm caused her no pain (not that maybe she never had a mild ache), I would have recognized any hurting she experienced. So, aside from the small fortune these options would have cost, she didn’t need to go through any of it.     A few Copper pics:2012-11-07_16-28-28_9840327121718212012-03-26_18-09-32_663Wasn’t she beautiful?!

Because of her it so that Lil’ Murph has me for a mommy.

Lil’ Murph loves his life!20180128_Murph smiling


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee




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