Man, I Love Stuff!

20180217_204028I Love my new Lamby!   (My 1st purchased just-for-me stuffed animal)

20180222_211555Man, I love this chair!!! This is where I lay behind Mommy’s hair…half on, partially slipping off this chair is my favorite evening past-time!2018-01-13_09-54-01 I Love, love my orange pillow!!20171017_171920For some reason I love to lay behind the olive oil!!!20180127_192307
I love Mommy and my new little bed and my blankie and my orange pillow and being in the kitchen!!!20171018_081141I love being vertical!

20180219_172928Yep….vertical.20171024_211420AHHH…MY CHAIR!! Vertical on my chair, I am!!!20171030_140350Vertical…..on this here curtain!!20180224_000032I love my chair plus a heating pad!!!20180224_165724….I almost kinda don’t love lying like a baby. However, I know the baby-talk means I’m special, the kisses relax me, and then I come out of my cage for bananas, crickets and cuddles…on my chair!!!

“Give me lizardry or give me death!!!” -Dawn Renee


  1. They are miniature dragons. I love them.
    When I was a kid I was friends with a zoology prof who gave me a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for a pet I named Barney Fife, and took me to our local sand dunes to find a horny toad, the sweetest lizard in the world (my opinion). They shoot blood from their eyes if they don’t like you (smart lizards, i wish i could do this). He showed how to stroke their horns and make them fall asleep in my hand. They never shot any blood. Now they are at the brink of extinction, and I haven’t seen one for decades, let alone have one sleep in my palm. Sad thing, what we humans do the wild ones.


  2. Yes, their skull stucture is so dragon-eque, so beautiful! That is so adorable, that you named a cockroach Barney Fife!! I’m happy for you that you got to hold a Horny Toad, I’ve yet to do this. I forgot they were the blood shooters & was unaware the species was in jeopardy. I just read a cool blog about them: Catherine Chen, Evobites – Why the horned lizard has horns: more than a just-so story. I searched my comments so I could find by whom I read it, since you like them so I thought you too would enjoy it as I did. Animals make the Earth a magnificent place!


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