Bon Voyage Beardie!

“Watch me world….”20170717_16394620170717_163822Murph is taking over!!!

20170717_163118Gone are the days of shoulder-side submission!

  20170430_175633“I’m going where I want!!”

       Really though, Lil’ Murph is (atleast in his young age of however old 16 inches is) not a fan of vehicular travel. His sister-type, Copper, loved to observe the world ‘on the road’. Watching her head move as she tried to focus on an object flashing by was always enjoyable.

       I have observed that lizards have different struts!! Humans may have a fluid/confident way of motion, some walkers are goofy bouncers, some flail arms as though they’re putting out small fires at their hips and others’ arms won’t move – as if all striding energy must be directed strictly to the legs. As such, lizards’ personalities shine through their pitter-pattering!! Copper had a feminine aura. She more often than not moved with …oh, can we use the word elegance when pertaining to a lizard? Lets!! Her course and destination were pre-meditated. I once watched her successfully deduce the one safe way she could get from my lap to the concrete patio safely with her bent arm. This is how it may have went down in her mind:

STEP 1) Off leg, onto chair    2) I can make that jump into the potted plant just right of this chair     3) I shall then slither down the side of the pot landing on the step    4) I will girlishly boing myself off the step to the patio    5) And look at my mommy friend to see if she observed the whole thing before I decide where to go next. 🙂

      Murph is a speed demon! And he is all boy! His strut is fast! Fast like he’s running on hot coals!! And he curls his tail up like a scorpion! I let him run away (only indoors) for a second for the sake of watching him!! I didn’t know I needed that in my life! When he wants to explore you can see his genius, for in that “Ah-hah!! Now’s my chance to dash away!!” moment, he cocks his head, looking up, down, over, guaging distances vs. leaping ability, considering all possible routes AND the cushiony-ness of the proposed landing pad of each. Murph’s path is not so exact. He knows which room he wants to enter but once grounded he wings it ( ? 🙂 ) with the exception of the living room>dining room>kitchen path. It is frieze carpet>thin large rug>followed by 2 small rugs on the smooth kitchen floor.

       This is the what I get out of it:  Silent hilarious view from behind>speed increases expedentially with the pitter-patter of 20 cute claws>2 seconds of silence>pitter pat {slide} pat pit>2 seconds of silence>pitter pit {slide slide} pat pit tippity tap

It’s great every time!!!!!

When your lizard travels with you, what follows is what I’ve done or what I believe is best, right or wrong:

     1st comes the choosing of 2 blankies and a teddy or cozy equivalent. Blankie #1 is to lie on, blankie #2 is to cover preciousness up to eyelids if he or she gets sleepy. Stuffed animal they know well to use as a chin prop and/or a comfort mechanism. A trip where someone else is driving is ideal, therefore you can hold your scaly sweety up to the window for excitement. 2nd: Whether you’re driving or not, have a good ventilated & lidded box to add lizard and blankies to incase your sweety gets too stressed or hopefully not, you’re in an accident, you can place her or him within if necessary. 3rd: If you’re the driver and on a short trip, you can try shoulder companionship or placing baby & comforts on the dashboard for a window view. If your lizard gets squirrely, turn back!! You don’t want a lizard under a pedal or elsewhere!! 4th: If the time away is long, prepare what can be likened to as a diaper bag. Bring a syringe of clean water, food & blankies incase a poo happens. 5th: If you live where the climate is cold in the winter, please don’t travel with your lizard. Roads can be hazardous and it will be difficult to keep your lizard warm if unexpected car trouble occurs. 6th: As with any animal or child, don’t leave your lizard alone in the vehical. And finally, don’t leave windows open enough that your lizard can get out under any circumstance!


If you’re getting good, life-saving sunshine for your lizard outside: Remember don’t let them eat bugs out there, especially lightning bugs!! They are toxic to lizards! Copper once ate a bee before I could stop her….I cried so hard thinking she was going to die. Luckily, she did not and did not get stung!!! Also, don’t let them eat flowers or dandelions that may have come into contact with chemicals. If you have a lizard leash, strap them in just incase. Never let them get past a few inches from you and remember birds have balls! Large birds are a natural enemy to them and they can swoop down and steal your baby from you right off your lap!!! Keep a watchful eye!!!20170817_141641*** SPECIAL NOTE:  It’s vital your lizard has a full spectrum bulb as well as a uvb bulb. Change this about every 6 months because it loses potency regardless how long it still illuminates. An infrared basking light for extra heat is wise. Without these they cannot metabolize their food properly, thus suffering different ailments in the long run. Best to keep extra bulbs incase of burn-out. Sitting in warm sunshine is benficial for the both of you & it’s good bonding time. a good website for learning some lighting expertise is: 20170816_111917

…As always,

“Give me lizardry or give me Death!”  – Dawn Renee



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