One Lizard Can Be In Two Different Moods Simultaneously!!

20171102_125607     Lizards have personalities all their own. For example, My 1st beardie, Copper, would not eat the medley I prepared for her to wake up to. I had to feed her by hand when I got home from work, alternating edible options. If she wouldn’t take bites from one side of her mouth, I needed to switch to the other, and back again, …repeated some amount of times. It’s as if she were only hungry on one side at a time…left, right, left, right, left. And I had to approach the scenario with the umph and vigor equalled to the optimistic overtone of a military cadence lest she sense my ugh and be un-inspired to dine!!! If the cantaloupe (cut not too thin or thick) for example, was not in-coming at the proper 20° angle so as to not tickle her lippies, I had to renew her interest on the other side!! But, I loved every minute of this odd bonding! And I miss it.

     Copper didn’t much like bananas. When Murph sees his dish of ‘nanners’ descending before him, a fog of seriousness manifests within that cage….pupils narrow for intense focus….positioning is happening for stealth-mode banana attack and the consumption is nearly vicious!!   

     Murph down yonder here makes fists like an infant, because of this I have to unravel my long locks from his, well, locks upon the woe-ful cuddle-time separation. He doesn’t have his fists in this shot but he makes them often. He’s my little gripper. He often lays with his palms on his itty bitty ribs whether I’ve manipulated his chill demeanor into laying human baby-style or if he lies naturally on that fab poochy belly of his – so cute!20180224_165737

    So…you’re hanging out with your scaly buddy. You look over. “Awww…he’s sleepy with his little eyes closed.” ….Or so you thought – until you spotted the other eye over there. Whole different story going on on that side!!! With yonder eyeball he is looking so intently at that nic-nac on the table one could hypothesize it held the keys to the universe!!! 

and another example:

     I swooped into the cage to smooch Murph, wherein there’s a mirror so he can see his gorgeous self, & as I’m giving him sweet pecks with sound effects, his kissed side is love-filled and Zen-ful. I peeked over at mirror Murph…. Mirror Murph’s expression says, “If I have to hear one more ‘Mwah’ out of her I may just claw her lippies!!!”


         Yes, earlier I referred to lizard lips as “lippies” because they are just that cute!! – To me, probably not to anyone else….but it’s cool. I have an entire separate vocabulary, nay, language with my lizards. They capisce. They get me 🙂 I’ve been called “Snow White” because the birds know me, squirrels literally knock on the window and climb the door trim to peer in the door’s window. One of them let me carress it’s head a couple times! If a lizard, a dog, a human and a squirrel (with peanuts) can sit together within a 10 inch perimeter of one another, something cool is happening. I’ve also been called”The Lizard Whisperer” for obvious reasons.20170928_140420“On my right side I’m peacefully asleep….zzz”

“Give me lizardry or give me Death!”      ♥ – Dawn Renee


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