Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

20170628_090305      When my Mom died in June, 2017, I lost a piece of myself. I lost my friend. I lost something that felt was going to last forever, and it seemed fair that it should.

I’ve not mourned in the ways that reflect this void for a number of reasons. One of them being that I have to function. I will not and have not allowed myself to think intently of Mom for long episodes of time.

I will always want my mom in my life, and I needed Lil’ Murph that night she left. I needed someone to hold as I cried when I got home. I am grateful for him.

He was sleepy, so that helped with zero-resistance on his part. He didn’t mind the tears. He was kissed and held tightly. One day one of us will lose the other, I want Murph to experience love and appreciation in this life. Lizards can be quite aware of love. I promise. 2018-01-13_10-08-54      These pictures were taken that dreadful night. Murph didn’t leave my side. When I wound down some, I set him on my lap for caressing. This was easier on him because I held him so snuggly, I may regrettably, nearly have made his eyes pop from my needy embrace.

Did he scurry away from this intense attention? No, not my Murph. He cozied up closer.2018-01-13_10-08-48.jpg Any number of animals would accept some strokes of love and walk away from me in my time of woe. Although all animals are wonderful in their own way, my lizards however, don’t leave me when I need them! I can hold them all night if I wish. They will sleep in my hands. If I get a kissy urge, there’s no fur or fleas or fight. They’re always clean and smell like a summer breeze……and fruit of some kind. 🙂

20170628_090410.jpg      This rose was one from my Mother’s funeral. She loved yellow roses. I think Murph looks fabulous with yellow. Wouldn’t  you agree?20170628_090352
“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!”  – Dawn Renee♥



  1. I think of her often and although she’s gone, we still have you. For that I’m grateful. She gave us you. She was an amazing woman who loved without condition🌻She always welcomed me. No matter what. I love you sis💛💛💛💛


  2. That means a great deal to me, that you think of her, your nice words….& let’s face it, you’re kind of a pleasure to be around. It’s easy to welcome you. Love back


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