We Wish Wonderful Experiences For You This Year

“Don’t forget to meditate and laugh.”
“Don’t forget to play.”
“Don’t forget to show your undying love to the special ones.”

… and, and, try say what you feel in the future – to your loved ones, your pets, your governing bodies, your parents, any being you can think of & more. Personally, I even say a drive-by wish of well-being to animals killed by cars, but, that’s just me – I’m an odd-ball.

Communication is a vital form of love, growth, peace-of-mind, or even a needed stale mate (a Chess reference, often similar to life).

On that note of the importance of saying how you feel or sharing needed knowledge, I try to stay away from politics and religions, when I fail in that realm of politics, as I often do, please remind me of the mission at hand.

That mission is to “Convert The Masses To Love Lizards, too!” because they are truly special friends to have in life, and not many people know the incredible bond that can be had between a reptile and a human! It’s the focus of this blog. I just have to stay focused! : ) Lil’ Murph, seen above cannot always silence me, despite his calming powers. : )

Lil’ Murph now has a superbly sweet (most of the time), and often seemingly possessed, sister raccoon (who must now be kept far from him, for safety, unfortunately)!

She is ridiculously intelligent. If she had thumbs, she may run the world : ) !! She does look precious, do you agree? And, she is a precious soul, she understands love, play, & loneliness too. She is an orphaned survivor who apparently chose the humans that would save her.

But, isn’t Murph precious … the preciousest (yes, I make my own words) of them all? He is our cute & quiet philosopher, a true observer!! All our animal friends are the most awesome in the eyes of their beholders.

I love animals. I so love our lizards!! I have had crazily unexpected relationships with beings such as, but not limited to, a few squirrels, birds, and one particular butterfly (oh yes, apparently they too have personalities), but, I speak lizard!! I’ve admired their unique beauty & silent ways all my life. I don’t know why. I suppose we are all attracted to certain creautures. To love them, help them, and enjoy special bonds with them & possibly, share them with the world. Long live our beautiful friends!

Show compassion to them all, all the sweet & silent lizards & more, please. I promise there is more there than meets the eye! I will share those bird, butterfly & squirrel stories later. They’re nuts & true! But, maybe not so nuts really, after all, animals (and insects) are astounding! Stay tuned.

We hope you, your families, and your animals – furry, scaly, or feathered, all have lovely years ahead.

Love, Lil’ Murph, Dawn, & Gypsy too

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee


  1. Back at you, awesome Moni, from all of us. Our animal friends either take us far from here, or really bring us home & ground us to what is important. We are happy to have an kindred animal loving friend in you. Thank you for your friendship & support.

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  2. We hope the same to you. Your sentiments are much appreciated. As it appears, upon speaking to the urologist, Dad has had a growth on his kidney since 2013 (he doesn’t recall the circumstances of why he had a scan then, & atop that, he assumes he neglected, then forgot the diagnosis, due to he dedicated his attention to my Mom, who was in poor health & sorrow for years before passing). This old growth may be good news, for if he’s had a growth this long, there is a fair chance it is benign. He has chosen to not get a biopsy until spring, if he does at all. Thank you, friend, for prayers, for remembering us, and asking of his well-being. He is a beautiful & hilarious soul I think many would enjoy if given the chance to know him. Thank you also for reminding me I should post an update. Life gets very busy, thus, I have neglected letting friends know. Best wishes from all of us.

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  3. That’s the love. Love is the cure. With your words I can assure he’s a really lovable man and among the kindest people on Earth.
    I hope this year brings you more and more good news. God bless.

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