This Is So Murphed Up: The December 2023 Edition

Posing lizards is one of life’s pleasures!

“I’m going to pretend this isn’t happening. “

For reasons unknown, much of our media in the photo storage of this platform had doubled. This prevented new photo uploading and resulted in an inability to share the new stuff. To make frustration more frustrating, said doubles weren’t side-by-side, making fishing them out from various locations within our media library very time consuming.

Upon noting the dates and locations of the duplicates, one of each was deleted to free up space. It remains to be seen which of those were used in previous posts, for when they are deleted from media, they are also gone from where they were used. With more than 200 posts to date, inserting the proper photos to fit past posts wherein some photos may now be absent, seems a daunting task.

After deleting over 100 photos (just to scratch the surface), we first posted an update of Murph’s veterinarian visit because many of our followers supported us through the experiences. With our dear friends commenting and contacting us needing to know how our little guy is doing, an “update post” took top priority.

We wish we could have shared these photos sooner, but it is what it is. We hope you love them and smile!

“Wow, just wow!”
“I’m done. “
“I’m thinking I want off this ride. “
“But Murph, you’re so handsome. Please wait.” “…Nah, I’m uncomfortable.”

Moving on…

“Beautiful! Beautiful Murph!! Now look as if you’re gazing at the stars… great job!”
Twinkle twinkle

A gift for me? Just what I wanted, my very own Murph!!


A special someone commissioned an art piece of Lil’ Murph and gave this as a gift! A photo was given to a talented individual and this ‘oil on canvas’ is the result!
We could have framed it to protect it, but I had just so happened to have purchased a small easel days before for my own work. Once I saw how it looked here, this painting is keeping the easel.
I showed Murph.

Murph seems to enjoy his new ultra-soft blankie that he received as a gift:

Why is he in this position?😆 And what is that, a grape left from lunch?

Murph is so sweet and tolerant of me.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée ❤️

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  1. Murph is such a good model and all around good lounge lizard to let you Murph around with him like you do. He’s adorable in all the photos.

    WP is such a pain. Doubling you photos? That really sucks.


  2. He is! I Murph around with him a lot. He’s not the only victim here. I’m a victim of his cuteness, poor guy : )
    Thank you, Timothy.
    Yes, possibly some tripled! An assistant sent a link in an attempt to show which had multiplied, but it didn’t show which were used. As technical difficulties seem drawn to my very existence, I’d think it a unique problem to my circumstance, but upon researching, I found it has happened to others.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re very welcome, Dawn. 🙂 I should write another vampire novel chapter where Murph makes a cameo appearance in it to save the day. I remember a few years ago writing a chapter where Murph makes a cameo appearance. And you said you read it to Murph and he seemed to understand that he was being mentioned.


  4. It feels so cute when they do that. he must like you, choosing that versus where he could look at everything! I’m so glad Sunshine is so loved, and walked, and pampered (and hatted by Amy : ). When I’d walk Murph with his dog brother, he’d either be near my shoulder or there on my forearm. I know from a distance people wondered “Why is her arm bent like that?” And now here, when I take Murph to the yard for sun & exercise, my neighbors must think, “There’s that crazy lady holding a string (his harness) and talking to the grass again!”

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If you write it, we look forward to reading it. Yes, your writing of him was awesome and so appreciated!! I don’t remember reading it to him, but if I said I did, I did. I know there are times I could be projecting things onto him & deciphering his looks and behavior such as to fit the scenario, but truly, there are so many times I get the impression of acknowledgement from him. And I’ve no doubt he knows what some words mean, such as a few names, “outside,” and his foods (because I say what I’m about to offer every time. He appears to understand & often I can tell by the look in his eye if he’s not going touch what I just said). I think he feels my intent when I say I love him or squeal from something cute that he’s doing.

    Liked by 1 person

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