Happy About The Weather – Day 1

Flowers and pillows

In curiosity, I measured the surface temperatures of a few locations with a temperature gun (& a bunch of other things). Of these, I tested the north-facing porch and at the south side of the house, I tested the faux wood decking, of which I assume is some variation of a pvc, or a polyvinyl, plastic-ish something-rather. I don’t know, I’ve not researched this product. Being dark brown, it becomes super-heated by the sun. It does burn bare feet during summer.

This allows Murph and I to be warmer during chilly days because when warmed, it is 25° warmer than the northern porch, and heat rises! It can be cold enough for a jacket in the yard, but warm enough to wear shorts on the deck!

Murph has had much outside time lately. Not only do we love being outside together, but the sun is also healthier for him than the artificial UVB & UVA. It’s good for us both.

First, he went out with me to identify some plants.

My plant peering companionion

Afterwards, I had things to do. So, I set Murph up on his southern door pillow: a temporary way to catch sun rays until we could go out – which did not suffice.

Moments later, he walked between the glass door and screen. I do not know if this is to begin plotting his exit, feel closer to outside, or show me through activity that he wants to sit on the deck with me.

“You’re serious about this aren’t you?”

Okay. We’re going out, you irresistible, sweet thing, you.

The view under my seat and that pvc or mysterious something-rather decking

We were outside for hours. Murph and I both were barefoot in the grass. : ) It brings out the free girl in me, yet I become rooted, so to speak, feel connected. I want to feel connected, I’ll be disconnected from it soon enough. I did work on the laptop some, but spent more time being where I was with Murph. The sun is warm, but the wind became chilly. We went inside and Murph was back to the pillow until I needed to close the door.

“Okay, I’ll accept this now, Mom.”

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“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” ❤️Dawn



  1. You caught up though, means a great deal. I will dedicate time soon to do the same. Just in so many directions at once right now. Told myself I’d set aside 20 minutes to tend to comments.


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