Happy About The Weather – Day 2

Magic Tarped Ride

We relaxed outside some, but then I begrudgingly chose to pick up sticks, hundreds of them, and some large fallen branches from a storm.

I brought Murph in. I laid him upon the carpet so I could get his harness on.

Then… WHAM!! At the other of his harness is a carabiner, I guess so that one may hook it to a belt loop or something or simply use it as a hold.

That damned carabiner flopped around and hit Murph in the left eye. It hurt him so badly. He kept his face turned to the left, as if into the pain. I felt like crying. He should never feel pain and it was by my hand. I just fought the tears. It was a long time before he opened his eye, when I was able to see his eye was okay. Then I felt like crying again from gratefulness. I hate crying. It pi**es me off. I gently kissed his soft eyelid and told him how sorry I am that I wasn’t focused on that end of the thing.

No sticks were picked up until I knew he could see. Finally, I realized he was focusing on things. I was so thankful to see his beautiful eye wasn’t sunken and destroyed. He closed it once in a while for a long time though.

Moving on, we got the tarp. I am extra not in the mood to pick up these sticks now. But I’ll be better when it’s done, and I have my favorite daily companion, who I now know is alright. More rain is coming, and currently, the sticks and ground are dry. The only tarp not already in use for a project was the heaviest flippin’ tarp I’ve ever had the displeasure of handling.

Oh fabulous… I’m extra, extra not in the mood to pick up these sticks. This thing is large enough that it takes 2 people to fold it and only one very irritated, determined girl to do it alone, make it resemble a square, then roll it up & toss it in the general direction of where it was retrieved. It’s been used for painting houses (including every room but one here and two rooms twice), apartments, funeral homes, projects, and now yard clearing. It may one day assist in another beautiful fire, which Murph and I will enjoy one fine night.

I did not know his leg was that way until this uploaded (must be losing that eye for detail). He must have fixed it. : )

Murph walked onto the tarp after I had a tiny pile started. As I moved across the front, side, and back of our yard, he either took a “Magic Tarped Ride” (please, if anyone gets that reference, tell me. I already have presumptions who will say it – prove me right!!) or I held Murph as I dragged the tarp behind me. In this sort of scenario, he conveniently and cutely lays across my only available forearm.

After all the activity, we were both ready to come in, sort of.

Lizards are awesome friends, especially if you can appreciate the silent type. However, some, as Murph, are not idle of mind, not too be confused with peace-filled. And some, as Murph, may not voice an opinion but communicate one quite often.

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“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” ❤️Dawn



  1. I’m so happy Murph’s eye is okay. I understand how you felt. Been there, done that, and it’s horrible. I’m glad you’re both okay and that you were able to go outside. Kisses on Murph.


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