Happy About The Weather – Day 3

We were enjoying being on the deck. Eventually Murph wanted down from my lap. He walked under the chair & to the house. He did what I call, “The Wiggle Squiggle.” What that is, for those who don’t know, is a very cute flattening of the body while wiggling, as if to submerge the body a bit into sand (which is what Beardies do in Australia when they don’t curl up into a crevice somewhere to sleep or cool down).

Some spikes have color where they didn’t use to. I wish marks of aging were this admirable on us. So beautiful.

All was wonderful until the clouds came, next came the wind, which is mine and Murph’s least favorite element, and finally the big, black dog!!

Alrighty then, change of scenery time.

We’ve seen this dog before. It seems nice, but it’s huge, and one cannot guarantee a dog they don’t know won’t snap. I would never hurt or kill animals (or insects) unless life of a loved one depended on it.

But I at least could have had my oc spray with me at all times, just in case. I had none of my weapons of protection on my person. I instantly realized my only option… I had to hold Murph in one hand so I had the other available to clock this dog upside the skull, and/or kick its ribs repeatedly if it came to that.

I really, really didn’t want to do these things. So, I spoke to the dog in an intimidating manner (which I hated to do) as I leapt up (& knocked my ankle on a metal chair ‘s leg as I rushed to get Murph from behind me). I was willing to take a bite on my back side.

Thankfully, my otherwise Smurf-like voice became forceful as I jumped up, causing the gentle giant to leave.

I finally caught a photo because it made a second lap around. The photo doesn’t do the size justice, and it’s got its nose to the ground some ways away. I think it’s head is at around elbow height.

It’s at a neighbor’s garage about to potty on the bush. I wish its parents would fix their fence or something. I’d hate for it to get hit by a car.

It’s almost funny… when this dog gets loose it follows a similar path every time, and at some point, we always know when he’s hit a certain neighbor’s property, a few houses SW and across some yardage from us.

Every time the dog has roamed their yard and walks up the steps of their deck to look in the door, we hear, “Go home. Find your home, go on, go home.” A ‘Family Circus’ comic strip experience of this dog’s path might be quite enjoyable. Does anyone remember the “Sunday paper funnies?” Or using silly putty to attach the paper’s ink to it? Is this a dead simple enjoyment now?

Anyway, this dog’s family will say they love their dog. It looks healthy, fluffy, and reasonably brushed. It doesn’t seem to have psychological pain as if it were ever beaten… so why can’t they find the means to always keep it safe?

Sometimes dogs get loose, but repeatedly like this seems neglectful to solve a problem. I don’t understand some people’s definitions or interpretations of love. “If you love something, set it free.” does not apply here. We had our dog with no fencing as an enclosure. There are no sidewalks here, but a road some people speed down. So, our dog (and his bro, Murph), was walked around the property, weather permitting.

We connected a long chain around buried piping at one end. The other end clipped onto his collar. When he was ready to go out, we’d just attach the clasp. When he was ready to come in, we’d unhook it and drop it right at the door on the deck. We didn’t even have to step outside to let him go potty. We had to step out occasionally if he got stuck on something stupid, which he’d do because he couldn’t think his way to un-stuckness. He was a sweetie, but not the smartest dog.

I’m not saying we’re better or smarter, I’m saying there is a solution to their unique circumstance. That they haven’t the resolve after years is surprising if they do care about this being.

I went on a rant. I needed to vent, I see dead wildlife and pets of all kinds out here, many whose scary and painful deaths could have been prevented by drivers and animal’s human parents alike. It’s not easy for true animal lovers to see this level of furry and feathered corpses.

So yeah, anyway…all animals have personalities, dare I say souls, every single one!

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“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” ❤️Dawn



  1. I believe you are correct. Murph may have a small brain, but a huge mind, if that makes sense. That black giant has, however, managed to remain unscathed during all its excursions. I am very glad it is smart enough to avoid fast cars, and I guess find its way home eventually.


  2. Yes, there is a difference between brain and mind.

    A famous Canadian surgeon and scientist at McGill University in Montreal named Dr. Wilder Penfield spent his life trying to determine the exact difference between brain and mind.

    I studied some of his essays in a Philosophy course I took in University called Philosophy of Mind.


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