💚Here’s To Six Years Together💚


I love Murph so very much.

What are the defining characteristics of a best friend?

Murph is by my side, inside our home or outside as much as possible. If I need to cuddle, so does he. If he must settle at a window view when he’d rather be outdoors with me, he patiently accepts. I can go on and on about his sweetness, and I believe he is aware of much of me. Truthfully, I believe he is self-aware as well (he and his sister, Copper). It seems we often “read each other’s minds.”

My Murph was in my embrace the night my mom died: Lizards Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Murph and Dad’s photo were taken hours before Dad was ready for his soul to travel.

Around 4 hours before Murph’s grandpa left.

Murph slept with me in the hospital bed that my dad died on. It was the first night that my precious Dad was no longer in my life. Never ready for that. I would have cared for him until it killed me. He would do the same. Maybe he left before it did, but I wouldn’t have agreed to it.

This hospital bed was owned by the hospice care team, and they were quick to retrieve it the following day. I suppose families often need the bed away for emotional reasons. These beds that raise and lower for caring needs are only loaned. I didn’t want to wonder how many individuals have died on that one.

I am grateful to be here still with Murph. No one will love him the way that I do, and sometimes I think he likes my high-pitched squeal that he hears from me. It just happens, it’s a side effect of my witnessing his emense cuteness. Nothing I can do. He is very aware that I see him adorable.

My phone/life tracking cloud mechanism stated this photo was from 4 years ago. I recall this day, our 2nd year together, as we were out and about.
Living art

Look at this gorgeous being! I adore every skin scale.

Beautiful inside, beautiful outside, and his spirit shines through his exterior.

My sweet friend.

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! – ❤️ Dawn


  1. Sorry to hear your dad died. It’s nice to have a friend like Murph to help you through the emotional roller coaster of losing your parents.


  2. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing a little about your 6 year adventure together. Murph is so lucky/blessed to be so loved by you. And he in turn blesses you. Here’s to many more years of adventures and tenderness.


  3. Thanks you, Gigi. We didn’t tell about it. He continues to be my cuddle buddy when I feel weakened from losses.

    He is, and they certainly do!
    Thank you, again.


  4. Even if you mentioned your dad passing, I wasn’t getting notifications of your posts consistently until a resubscibed recently.


  5. There’s a post regarding that Dad didn’t see the cuteness in lizards despite my years of attempts, but after he lived with Murph a few months, that changed. He wanted to hold him too! I had mentioned he would die in our home, but nothing more, and nothing since. And, thank you for that resubsription. We hope you, your sweet wife, kitties, and Blue are very well.

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