Is Our Freezer Haunted?

Our ice cubes do weird things!

StalagmICE anyone?!

Zoom in, it’s quite cool 🫠

This phenomenon has occured randomly for many years in two different cities, and within two different freezers!!

Years ago, during the first freezer ICEcapade, I showed a considerably intelligent individual a photo of this sort of occurrence. His theory was something about tray placement combined with airflow. However, there may be a flaw in this guess. See, regardless of whether the trays are on the door’s shelves, the bottom shelf, or the top shelf, and whether the freezer is full or nearly empty, it matters not. Our ice continues to grow stalagmites!

Here’s another shot

And this one is from a different day:

This is from today.

Murph thinks on this sight but he is generally unimpressed when I show him.

“I’m generally unimpressed. “

Does anyone know how this may occur? We know no one else who experiences this.

Also, as always,

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” ❤️ Dawn


  1. You’re the 1st person that I know of who sees this as well. Thanks for saying. I know there’s a logical explanation for this, but I’m stupified. Do you know anyone other than your family & besides us with cube growths?

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  2. Weird. But it’s cool. Well, like totally freezing, to be honest. Lizards are never impressed with ice other than to stay as far away from it as they can. I can hear Murph, “I’m an ectotherm! Keep your icky ice to yourself! My endearing endotherm.”


  3. Hmm. No, actually. And I don’t remember it from my childhood, either, so it’s a bit more recent, only the last 15 years or so. We do use reverse osmosis water these days to make our ice cubes. Do you think that makes a difference?


  4. I know our guy is intelligent. However, I did not expect him to surpass my own at the level of logic. I am going to humbly admit, prior to research, that I have not considered ice caves or their icey stalagmites. I am sure they exist aside from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Based on that, I see it is entirely possible that formations as these grow on a micro sized scale. : )


  5. Same about the years here. About your filtration system, I cannot say. Our freezer was designed to make cubes, but before we signed on to buy the place, salmonella was discovered in the well system. It was treated and fixes were made, but we were apprehensive to trust it. We didn’t use the premade ice. Then, Gypsy chewed the water line, so we used trays, and just stuck with that. Still, although the water has been declared safe, we use distilled or that labeled drinking water. We have a light and filtration system purchased, but not yet installed for filtering.


  6. I’m not sure how they come about either.

    Something to do with freezing 🥶 and turning to ice 🧊 perhaps.

    I also recall Jim Carrey as the Mask turning into an icy statue with stalagmites sticking out of him when police told him to freeze in the movie The Mask.


  7. That’s crazy! It reminds me of penitentes that we saw on Aconcagua (mountain) in Argentina. Thy are formed by the snow/Glacier melting but the air is so dry it forms similar shapes.

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  8. 😆 Haha, Moni. It must be the aliens because this happens too frequently!! Also, I’ve seen some lights out here a wee bit away from the city.😄 Wish they’d till the garden instead of playing with my ice!!

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  9. Dear Maggie, your comment is indicative of the life you live! Wow! I actually had to research penitentes. I’m surprised that I don’t recall this word or formations as these. A distinguished sofa-side world traveler, frequent researcher and reader such as myself (haha) should have known of these. So far, I’ve been to 10 states + Costa Rica. Perhaps I’ve strayed from the cold and photos of cold places. : ) Thank you for teaching me of these. I just saw beautiful photos of some. They can be so tall, up to 16′ or 5 m tall!! Now, I want to learn more of the process of sublimation which is stated to form them. You’re shooting me down a rabbit hole of reading material.😁

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  10. You should be… ya know how much material is here?! 😆 I love learning… but holy hell!!
    I absolutely will get back with you, but apparently, I’m gonna need a bit. Teehee

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  11. Hmm, I think you and Ginger are seeing halucinations. Your cubes look perfectly normal to me. Either that, or you are in a multiverse vortex where your refrigerator slips in and out of a world just like ours, but upside down. 😂
    Do NOT report this to the CIA or NASA or they may arrange for you and Murph to be quarantined!!

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  12. Been seeing it for somewhere between 13-18 years. I’m not sure how long we lived at our previous place before it began, and we weren’t here long at all before the show began. It’s a strange life, Balladeer. A strange life of strange things. : ) Some not so cool.

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  13. Haha! Well, if we’re not seeing things correctly, cool hallucinations will have to do. 😁”…perfectly normal… you say? “I’m concerned for your optical well-being, friend.
    However, you may be onto something! That’s gotta be it: We are in the presence of a multiverse traveling refrigerator/freezer!! It could at least bring us all back some souvenirs… or better, take us with for an exciting trip!!
    Thanks for looking out for Murph & me – no reporting,🤐and hopefully they won’t dream up another reason to quarantine us anyway!!

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  14. Perhaps. : )
    It’s been so long ago that we saw that movie, I’ve greatly forgotten more than I can recall. I briefly wonder if his movie characters intertwine with the facets of his own. Murph could be an actor, but I fear he may become typecast.


  15. I remember when the bear (who appeared in the Brad Pitt- Sir Anthony Hopkins movie Legends of The Fall) appeared on stage at the Academy Awards ceremony, a friend of mine was actually worried that the bear would be typecast as a bear in his future movie career.

    I can imagine you clicking through the channels on late night TV and there much to your surprise is a commercial featuring Murph lounging in a lounge chair next to a glass of wine 🍷 and saying, “Paul Masson said it over a century ago, “We will sell no wine before its time.”

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