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“I Am Not A Poser!”


20180918_092645“I prefer still lifes capturing my natural tendencies and characteristics… thank you.”

“I want out!”

happy boy

“That’s more like it!”


“Lil’ Murph, I am a victim to your adorableness… forgive me.

20170623_203743Look at you, you are an angel –

…But, what if… “






*It’s not Murph in the wizard costume or battle jacket. They can easily be found for purchasing online. Also, it is not Murph in the dress and hat. That was our Copper.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


Photo shoots

I Am The Lizard King.

20180802_203123I Can Do Lizard Things.



Anyone that ‘gets it’ please leave the band name in the comments  ♥

****** Hi all! I’m putting this out there again. It is from August. Murph and I received some ‘likes’, but I am reaallly curious who will be the first blog buddy to let us know they made the connection between Murph’s photo above (he’s so cooperative in his photo shoots) and a very similar photo of a famous, deceased poet and music artist!  – Just for fun – Thanks for playing!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee

Photo shoots



Isn’t he a beautiful and tolerant boy?!


“The hour is almost upon us….or the hour is always now. This ‘time’ concept is a hoot. I don’t see time but I do learn within it, I learn of love, seasons, strangers and family, sleep and waking to the Mommy human. I can’t express that I have learned, Mommy knows and sees it though. I suppose as for time, some of that stuff was used to pose me. Mommy spoke and said she did all this because I am so precious.    What!?!?!”

20181031_145207“Not diggin’ it.”



“Oh, you’re going in the box, cat.”

20181031_150602“What, shame and hairballs go in boxes, correct?”20181031_15064820181031_14385920181031_14572420181031_14582420181031_145001

“Yep, that little big dude right down there, I am liking him way more than you at this moment.”   “I will name him George and I will hug him and pat him and squeeze him…”*


“That’s all folks”*      “I’m out!”



“Mommy gave me a new stuffed animal today after my photo shoots. It once belonged to my human Grandmother. Now I have two dogs in my life.”   “And there’s my little toe. It’s already stuck to my gift that has been near me for 5 seconds. Sometimes Mommy gets pleasure from the little things….like my toes.”


“Today (as soon as Mommy woke me, ugh) I went with she and brother Dog for a walk. Mommy zipped me up to my back inside her hooded jacket to keep me warm. I had my smoothie twice. I walked around the house for a small while. I was baby-talked to and basked in my cage with a view. I was posed like an adorable doll (not fun, Mommy says I’m photogenic, whatever that means). It is cuddle time after a busy day. Good night.”

Where there is an asterisk* credits go to Looney Tunes


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -♥Dawn Renee