“I Am Not A Poser!”


20180918_092645“I prefer still lifes capturing my natural tendencies and characteristics… thank you.”

“I want out!”

happy boy

“That’s more like it!”


“Lil’ Murph, I am a victim to your adorableness… forgive me.

20170623_203743Look at you, you are an angel –

…But, what if… “






*It’s not Murph in the wizard costume or battle jacket. They can easily be found for purchasing online. Also, it is not Murph in the dress and hat. That was our Copper.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥



  1. Is that a hot dog roll that Murph is sitting on?
    Somewhere in the closet I have an old photo of my iguana trundling up the stairs for bed-time. But I would have no idea how to post it.


  2. That would be his cherished orange pillow. I think it’s actually a squishy neck support pillow. Maybe you can take a photo with your phone of the photo, then upload it. I did that in the past. The quality is not great but shows plenty of detail. That your sweet Iguana went upstairs for bed gives me a pouty face from cuteness. I’d love to see it!


  3. I love that about him & that you let him live as he wished. I knew a couple with 3 at least 4 Iguanas. All the Iguanas went to their cages to poo too. Murph is opposite, he will poo outside or on the floor mostly. He wants the cage clean. Bleach or rubbing alcohol is what I have to clean the floor with after Murph gets a bath (even though he keeps poo off of himself & I think he drags his vent a few seconds to wipe!) We cuddle so much, I want to know he’s clean.
    Isn’t it so neat that they have favorite objects and people with a sense of reasoning to make decisions about where they want to be & when!?


  4. Well, if that’s the worst that can happen…. : )
    I turned spellcheck off in my phone. It states it is indeed off – but no, still, it alters my types. I think there’s AIs living inside and they’re in cahoots.
    Isn’t Murph the handsomest spiky boy!? : )

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