“Somewhere Over The Rainbow…


Mommy might not prop me & mold me onto, beside, or into objects to indulge herself with giggles from my overwhelming cuteness!”

“Nope. This is not cool of you.”
“I’m outta here!”

[Giggle]  surfin’ Murph




Murph says there will be 6 extra weeks of winter.


Lizards are so precious!


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. Well between posing in front of a Santa Muerte looking skull on a pillow, a carved Aztec looking idol, a photo (or maybe a TV screen image) of the Indonesian ghost magician Riana, standing fearless in the midst of ghostly green lights, confronting a jaguar and the head of a sinister looking god, engaging in shadow play on the wall, examining the dashboard to make sure the car isn’t possessed by the same demon that possessed the 1958 Plymouth Fury in Stephen King’s novel Christine and then dressing in the red, white and blue shows that Murph is definitely prepared for Halloween.

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  2. Thanks thanks! I didn’t exactly get the “Go ahead” from the model! 70% of photos I take of him are not innocent. I think, “Oooh, you look so cute – I’m showing everyone!!”

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  3. How can you be so comically observant, creative in reference, then simplify it all in aiming it toward the coming of a celebrated day!?! : )
    We wouldn’t be together if not for the red, white and blue

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  4. ‘Tis neat that you asked. He’s unimpressed! He’s sleepy when it’s dark enough for them. He will peek now and then, especially when I hype up a particularly neat one in the distance. Loud noises don’t seem to bother him. His Dog brother was a ridiculous baby until he lost some of his hearing. We some times hear fireworks weeks before & weeks after the day. It’s usually kids, most of whom are not educated to what the fireworks represent or from where there came (sigh).


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