Isn’t he a beautiful and tolerant boy

This ‘time’ concept is a hoot. I don’t see time but I do learn within it, I learn of love, seasons, strangers and family, sleep and waking to the Mommy human. I can’t express what or that I have learned, Mommy knows and sees it though. I suppose in regards to time, some of that stuff was used to pose me. Mommy spoke and said she did all this because I am so precious. What!?!?!”

“Not diggin’ it.”


“Oh, you’re going in the box, cat.”
“What, shame and hairballs go in boxes, correct?”





“Yep, that little big dude right down there, I am liking him way more than you at this moment.” “I will name him George and I will hug him and pat him and squeeze him…”*


“That’s all folks”* “I’m out!”

“Mommy gave me a new stuffed animal today after my photo shoots. It once belonged to my human Grandmother. Now I have two dogs in my life.” “And there’s my little toe. It’s already stuck to my gift that has been near me for 5 seconds. Sometimes Mommy gets pleasure from the little things….like my toes.”

“Today (as soon as Mommy woke me, ugh) I went with she and brother Dog for a walk. Mommy zipped me up to my back inside her hooded jacket to keep me warm. I had my smoothie twice. I walked around the house for a small while. I was baby-talked to and basked in my cage with a view. I was posed like an adorable doll (not fun, Mommy says I’m photogenic, whatever that means). It is cuddle time after a busy day. Good night.”

Where there is an asterisk* credits go to Looney Tunes
“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -♥Dawn Renee


  1. Thank you for sharing that you too think he is beautiful! It means a lot to me. For that support is the most important reason I do this, it is my hope that others will see the beauty and special personalities reptiles possess, to know that they make us smile and comprehend love. I hope all reptile owners will give them the care they deserve.


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