Not Through The Looking Glass

double the love
“Is it broken, why do you keep these things around?”
"Murph, are you looking at 2 things at once, with one eye?"
Folks, is it just me, or is Murph looking in 2 different directions with one eye?

"Murph, you're eye is doing two things at once!You're so neat!"

“What the…
…is there more to this?”

It’s all right Lil’ Murph, I too, do not fully understand this place.

I’m glad we’re in it together, my friend.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥

Characteristics of a Friend:

2018-06-21_08-46-23One whom makes you smile with zero to minimal effort.

2018-06-15_08-35-19One whom, through your unique tie, inherently possesses the ability of evoking in you a need to experience their essence. You appreciate the light in their eyes.

20170921_151010One whom clearly enjoys time with you indoors or out, on adventure or at ease. They want to be with you every time you want to be with him or her.

20180421_114230One whom not only accepts you for all that you are, and judges you not for your quirks, but may need you in their life more because they are yours.

20180430_220006One whom gives you the hug you need, as long as you need it, all the while realizing they needed it too.

20180418_120819 One with whom there is no doubt your connection is mutually felt. Time and circumstance will not destroy this beautiful and invisible bond revealed only by care-taking, cuddles and smiles.

There are no universal rules as to whom or what can be friends, if there were …..well, I’ve always had a rebellious streak anyway.

Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – ♥Dawn Renee


Little Known Fact: Lizards Need Blankies

20170818_221321[1]        Yep, I said it! Blankies!

         All lizards everywhere need them, they just don’t know this. And it’s a cute cute thing to introduce them to blankie-dom!                             

  *** Warning *** If  your little friend likes them, you may find yourself searching high and low in your home or in stores for items of good fabric to cut into blankie sized fragments!   

         Finding a good material is important because you don’t want the ends to fray after washings (they may mistaken strings for worms). Also, you don’t want the material to catch on their scales, claws or spikes.  

        An enjoyment for me is to peel back the blankie in the morning to spy what adorable, curvy, sleeping posture lies beneath! My lizards’ days have always begun with baby talk before I swoop them up for morning smooches and snuggles.               20170714_123458[1]                                      Yep, I said it! Smooches!!!

        I do kiss my lizards and with good reasons: I love the bonding, they love it (at least they haven’t objected), and they’re always kiss-ably clean, which brings me to:                                                                            BATH TIME!!

        My system may not work for you, so you can tweak any tidbits that you find helpful into a feasible solution.

  After my lizard poos in the designated poo place, which is a newspaper or ad segment with some amount of thickness that keeps the enclosure clean below, I roll it up and trash it.

I then collect my cutie for a travel to the tub …

                          Next, it’s imperative to hang out together in the bathroom as you turn the hot water on all the way. Once hot, adjust to about tepid but based on the warmth or coolness of your lizard’s skin. This is important because you don’t want the water temperature to change from where you thought it was while your lizard is getting clean and you don’t want the temp to be a shocking change that may stress your lizard, thus causing it to be frightful of bath time. Remember, lizards depend on you for their well-being same as children. Your inner wrist is a sensitive temperature gauge if you’re uncertain.                                                                                            I  simply hold my lizard under running water in somewhat a vertical position keeping the head out of the water. A very mild bar soap may be rubbed by your hand to get a little lather. Use your hand/fingers to apply to vent area, legs, toes and tail only. Rinse well. Have ready a designated hand towel or cloth needed for the size of your lizard with which to wrap them in or to pat them dry. Speaking to your lizard helps them feel to safe during the process.                                                               20170707_204149[1]


No, this darling is not dead–just very chill!!!                                                                          We cuddled after bath time, and when I peeled this cuddly cutie from my embrace this is what I saw ♥                                                                                                                          20170707_204237[1]“Give me lizardry or give me Death” – Dawn Renee