Fireside Friend

Sometimes, the most silent of life’s companions are the best company beside the cleansing energies of the fire.

Cicadas, Murph, the wholesome scent of Earth, and crackling sounds of wood aglow are not to be taken for granted.

This is how bright the moon was lastnight! The only alteration I made was -16 on contrast (Camera: Samsung phone. Lens: less than ideal. Exposure: Hell, I don’t know. Everything else: Phone photography default).

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renée


  1. You were definitely in good company. Since reading your blog I have learned to appreciate these beautiful creatures and I can’t thank you enough for enlightening me. Thank you.


  2. Oh yes, it was a nice ending to a rather boring day for him. He closed his eyes shortly after the photos, but sometimes lizards bluff that way. He didn’t actually sleep until he was inside. I love the glow on his handsome little face.

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  3. Yes I was. He doesn’t know how much I need him.
    …And I cannot thank you enough for this comment, what it means.
    I believe you’d be a wonderful lizard dad. The larger ones can be kinda like dogs. Sort of

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