Murph Is Basking In The Sun

My companion

Lil’ Murph is catching the last bit of sun that shines through the south-facing door.

I’m working at the table here. We are inside rather than out because the bugs found me earlier. All the bugs. Particularly tiny, and I mean itsy bitsy insects, which I think are “Pirate Bugs (uncompassionate punks)” were the most relentless as I attempted to sit with Murph on the deck!! They would not let me be. They ran me in! We were “City folk and lizard.” Man, everything bites out here! The flies bite! I was never bitten by a fly from whence I came!! 😄

And, and, I have a spider bite on my upper cheek that may very well scar! I’m so glad the worst that happens to Murph is an ant walking on him, which he feels upon his scales, by the way, or a fly lands on him without biting.

Well, this is the “Thanks'” I get. When those biting bastards land on me, I blow them off, literally. I don’t whack them and kill them as I occasionally feel like doing. I try very hard to not kill the innocent. Those multi-legged $&%! cannot help what they are or what they do.

Anyway, during my typing, Murph tired of his sunspot. Here he is now…

I still feel phantom bites!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death! – Dawn Renée


  1. We call those invisible biting bastards “No Seeums!” Obviously you have not acquired the country stink you need to ward off those sorry little suckers. Most biting insects don’t bother me because they I stink. But then again a lot of human types do bother me for the same reason. I tell them if you can smell me you’re too damn close. Have you made any progress in the Murph saga? My wife keeps asking how he’s doing.


  2. “No Seeums,” that’s cute. So country stink is a thing, heh? Okay, I’m still learning. 🙂 That’s hilarious, Timothy!
    Please tell your wife (I’m sorry, within your posts, I’ve not caught which name belongs to her), I’m resuming the vet search tomorrow, and that in watching Murph, I may witness up to 4 tremors daily, in an arm, leg, or foot, then nothing for days. He is alright, we just can’t neglect this.
    That she too is checking in on him means so much. Thanks you guys.

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  3. It makes accomplishing anything difficult. They always find me. I think they’re staking out the place to get me. I am ill-equipped inside my bug-out bag to handle such attacks. Strategic maneuvers are futile as well.
    Murph was happier outside. I think he observes my continuous scratching and blowing and realizes we’re going indoors for a reason, but I don’t know. But yes, he certainly became content. I love his little hand turned up!!


  4. Her name is Laurie. She got involved in your vet ordeal. We had some lizards that had nerve issues doing all the right stuff like you. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking when our lovely family members have issues we can’t deal with.


  5. You know I have a large boa constrictor? We have had all kinds of snakes, lizards, and archanids over the years.


  6. Blue?
    Yes, I did know that, but not that you too had lizards in Murph’s situation. I was referred to a clinc that is closed today (Midweek Sabbath?) They open tomorrow at 9. I’ll let you & Laurie know. 1st question: “Can I stay with Murph the entire time?”

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