Will Lizard Companionship Be A Joyous Happening In Your Home?

Consider the following….

20180715_173241Why Murph……..why?20180716_170739

*This post is for someone whom contacted me with specific concerns regarding lizard ownership. I hope it helps my friend and others (and lizards somewhere) too.♥

20180609_183025 1) Does Lil’ Murph make you smile? 

  2) Maybe another type of lizard makes you smile every time you see that species…

Green and Gray Bearded Dragon(this photo by Egor Kamelev: https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-and-gray-bearded-dragon-751698/ )animal, blur, close(source: pixabay.com )Veiled Chameleon(this photo by Egor Kamelev)

I’ll not mention the exact species shown, because I’m not always super sweet. I think actually, it will help you see all the beautiful variety and options available if you do a lot of research. I will say the credit I copied and pasted from it’s website source for the 1st photo (under Murph’s 3 pics) is an incorrect description.

Just look at those faces! Um, and wee wittle toes! And..those cute lippies!!!! And their everythings!!!

*Proper grammar and sentence structure, as well as correctly spelled words are no more in my world where lizards are concerned. In fact, new words somehow evolve from the murky depths of intense cuteness. As such, these new words are often accompanied by high-pitched squeals and grins so large it’s amazing any perceivable word could be squeezed out between my teeth!

Consider #3) Is there a great fear (due to an immune disorder or other reasons) of  Salmonella exposure?

Chances are, Salmonella will be found if you have a fecal exam performed on your reptile. Here is one piece of reading material, but please simply use the internet or books to gather information until you feel comfortable in your decision of lizard ownership either way.:

Click to access salmonella_reptile_F.pdf

I must say, I’ve said (or typed) this before: I don’t have all the answers, I am still learning, and always will, I’m sure. I may not be doing things perfectly, however, my lizards love me. They’re happy, healthy and clean. I say this because I treat my lizards like family, not animals that are owned. It is said you shouldn’t kiss lizards. Well, I know how to keep lizards clean my way, so they get kisses. We both love it! Those darn cute lippies, ya know?! I’ve been the Mommy of a Green Iguana (yes, the big, big kind) and 2 Bearded Dragons for a total of 11-ish years (not including salamander ownership as a wee lass). Thousands of kisses and as many cuddle hours later, I’ve never gotten sick by them. If you’d like to know my bathing and enclosure system for clean cuties, and have not read about them as of yet, please see these:

*Let me say, depending on circumstances, the lack of peace-of-mind regarding possible contamination throughout the home will make reptile ownership stressful. That isn’t beneficial for the family or reptile. In such a case, perhaps it is best to love lizards from afar.

Little Known Fact: Lizards Need Blankies

A Substrate Alternative For The Pampered Lizard

Choosing A Home Within Your Home For Your Scaly Companion

Take my cage idea & make it your own, make it better. You can build one more tall than wide with wood and screen if floor space is an issue. If you use wood, no splinters for your lizard or yourself please. Please don’t use treated lumber, it contains arsenic, chromium, and other bad things.  Make sure your lizard has sturdy objects that will get him or her up and down safely. Among all their needs being met (helpful links for lighting, temperatures and diets are scattered throughout my archives), please give them something soft to curl up to. Trust me, scaly things appreciate soft comfort too.

Many helpful people have donated time to the well-being of sweet lizards. “The Bearded Dragon Manual” (also in ebook form) is good reference material. Oh man, it made me realize how much I did not know! I use paper clips to mark pages I may need to return to later.

Consider #4) Do you have a human or animal in your home that may injure your lizard when you have it out of it’s cage to enjoy some freedom and/or time with you?

Some other tidbits: If other lizards are like mine, they need time with you every day or they may get depressed. Once you know a lizard’s personality and common behavior, you will recognize physical signs of stress or sadness. My opinion is they need at minimum, a similar amount of time that one dedicate to dog ownership, i.e. petting a dog, talking to, feeding, watering, and walking a dog.

If you’re not home at a decent morning or evening hour to turn their lights on or off, purchase a timer to do that. If your house is colder than say, about 70 degrees at night when the other lights are off, you can purchase a night light heat bulb to keep them from getting too cool. Consider your lizard’s sleeping spot & bulb placement so that they aren’t heating up directly under it, especially during brumation.

If a poo occurs in an undesired location, let bleach soak there a couple minutes & rinse well. If color protection is a must, wipe away poo well with tissue or paper towel, then soak area with rubbing alcohol for a few before dabbing with paper towel. If you use a rag, or sheets or any cloth for lizard-related substrate or otherwise, keep a separate hamper or box for his or her dirties and do that load by itself when there’s enough to merit washing a load. you can let a washer fill partially with water then add roughly 1-2 cups of bleach to that water, then add load. Probably, you won’t need to use fabric softener, the less chemicals, the better.

Here’s something probably not thought of often: If you throw a poo-covered wad of tissue in the trash instead of flushing it, consider covering it with other trash so that if a fly, gnat, or other winged home intruder cannot walk their little legs all over it and then walk along your counter tops, thus cross-contaminating your surfaces without your knowing.

Consideration #5) Do you have a little extra money for light replacements? Uvb needs replaced every 6 – 12 months even if it still lights, full spectrum bulbs only need replaced when they burn out (they need both). Can you afford food and any needed vet visits for the life span of your desired new friend, etc.? 

After the start-up, lizards usually are not expensive to have, especially as they get older and desire less living food and prefer more produce.

#6) Do you have time and love to give a sweet lizard for as long as she or he lives?


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee


  1. Thank you for that. I do not verbally articulate well, and sadly, am too often a perfectionist. Typing to completion takes much time, so a compliment such as yours means a great deal to me. I want to help lizards, but, apparently I need kind words from humans along the way
    : ) Hoping for you all the best


  2. Perfect! His is just what i needed! I will let my daughter read it tomorrow. I have a feeling if we had one it would always be on her.
    One more question. Can you sleep with them in your bed? Like the dog that sleeps on the end of the bed. My daughter slept with the dog wrapped around her head. But i m guessing they could be rolled over on and may not be warm enough. Just curious, thank you for all the details so much


  3. The first time I slept with my lizard was with Copper because she wasn’t breathing well. I knew she had a respiratory infection. She couldn’t rest. I was scared, so I rigged a little fan to blow acrossed us as I laid her on my pillow and held her right hand. The air flow helped her. We fell asleep. I cannot put into words the bond we had. Call me crazy lizard lady…I don’t now what she went through in her last life or her babyhood, but I knew then that she needed held at night as well as in the day. I needed it too I guess. I sensed her. In my sleep I was fully aware of her. -Exactly, even her position. I must face them, have them on my chest, in my palms or hold their hand to stay aware. My subconscious knows this and keeps it so. I had Murph nearly a year before he became a nearly every night cuddle. I do not ever recommend sleeping with lizards. I’m just weird. Once they’re really asleep, they sleep deeply. I have to make Murph get up nearly every day.


  4. “Proper grammar and sentence structure, as well as correctly spelled words are no more in my world where lizards are concerned. In fact, new words somehow evolve from the murky depths of intense cuteness. As such, these new words are often accompanied by high-pitched squeals and grins so large it’s amazing any perceivable word could be squeezed out between my teeth!”
    I am super glad you so well understand the limited nature of human language, and the complexity of reptile language.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So it’s like a new born baby. You know they are there. I slept with my daughter on my chest the first few weeks. I rarely slept. I think it is awesome you slept with your sweet baby on the pillow next to you. And that you needed each other. Pretty awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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