How Can You Be Comfortable?!

20180814_214652Look at that cute poochy belly! (…and his fruit & veggie smoothie upon his lippies)

20180814_173207…Do you know what it’s like to unhook 2 hands and 2 feet of claws from such a spot? As soon as I got 2 appendages out and freed, one went right back in because Murph’s heading back to the window every second I spend getting him away! He knows what he wants!!

20180818_203904“Man, I love this wall!!!”    …he’s excited about the new room. His pitter-patter is too cute upon this carpet!! He nearly runs to explore in here. I would have gone funky with maybe a purple or white shag carpet because I do not like ordinary, but the room will not be dull when I’m done sprinkling my unusual decor & lighting here and there. We don’t want carpet to pull the eye away from cool oddities 🙂 Murph may agree but we haven’t talked about it. There is no way his hands and feet could make the sound they do on a different weave! Murph will like it even when there’s less floor space.

20180817_183250“What are you looking at?”


20180816_171218“Yes Mommy, I’m listening!”

20180821_184532He is nearly falling from this pillow. He did a 180 degree turn, then belly-crawled backwards until he reached an acceptable level of desired verticalness!! Below is the flip side of him, his dangling leg of cuteness:20180821_203820


20180823_183539Lil’ Murph was in this position for hours not long ago. You may not be able to tell, his eyes are closed not from sleepiness this time, but from boredom, with a trace of disappointment because he spent all of 2 minutes outside today. I need to give him a better day tomorrow.


“Give me lizardry or give me Death!” -Dawn Renee♥


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