“What A Baby!”

20180601_230332 - copy



This was Murph’s old life:

190101_113551_0… Tiny, alone most of the time, and in a dark room. When I visited the location where he used to live, I would check on him. Sometimes I fed him if I saw no evidence of a recent feeding. I poured him filtered water. As you can see, he was thirsty. Bearded Dragons, if given a good variety in their diets, get all the water they need from their food. Though one should always leave a supply of fresh water, a sight such as this is rare.

190101_112613_17above: This is Lil’ Murph at his old residence, before he came to live with me and I became his Mommy/friend, human-type. I plucked him from his prison and showed him the outdoors that day. Look at how tiny he was!

These 2 photos were taken just after I brought him to live with me. He’s excited already!!


And, now, Murph as you all know him…


20180604_135448Thank you all for loving Murph with me!!

“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


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