Could Lil’ Murph Become Deplatformed?

20180918_092645Sure he could! Not a one of us is immune to this!


   I don’t want to have to say, “Auf  wiedersehen free speech, it’s been so very nice knowing you.”    We’re climbing the walls about this ridiculousness of people being silenced – accused of hate speech… it’s the polite, accepted way to say, “We ban you, and you, and you because….” because many disagree with them, because they’re revealing something about governments, or whatever, because they’re not nice and sugar-coat things for the polarized, the hyper-emotional sort, the brain-washed, or those with sensitive little ears?

    If we don’t want to hear something, let us not hear it then, but, oh man, agreeing with the blocking of others to educate people or simply speak their minds is saying, “Okay those with control, we’ll let you strip our rights (the very First Amendment in one country) away from us!” These silenced individuals all around the globe, have opinions and in some cases incriminating facts and they’re being hushed by whom, Facebook, Youtube, who else, and WHY, really? Kinda makes one wonder! When is enough enough? What’s next, the thought police? Maybe they’re already in formation.

    Murph is a free-thinking, observant kind. He has opinions too! He hates being put somewhere he doesn’t want to be, he expresses this with an adorable puff of air, it’s an exhale of disapproval : ). If he had a voice, we may like to hear about that! Some may have opposing viewpoints regarding his preferences, should he be shut up then (if he could speak, of course)? Nah, I don’t think so.

    He could state he hates cucumbers, being cold, coming inside from the sun’s light, and people with bad vibes. Is that hate speech (oopsy)?!? It may be considered so one day! Our abilities in regards to how we live & what we feel needs to be spoken may keep getting chipped away. They may enact a law wherein lizards and humans can’t live together… I smell revolt : )

    Really though, Murph has no hate. However, he does have preferences… he prefers to not eat a cucumber, to stay outdoors, and to not be held by someone of whom he is not fond. It’s okay that folks have opposing preferences to his. Murph may enjoy the company of those folks anyway, & consider their views but stick to his own. He is a lizard of love and he shows it freely every day of his life! I hope you’ll love a lizard today (definitely Murph), and appreciate who they are and all their cute lizard thoughts!

*Lizardplanet with Lil’ Murph has not had the misfortune of being targeted to stop talking or writing, though certainly is not untouchable from current decision-makers. It helps that our focus is on lizards, but sweet Lil’ Murph can’t keep his Mommy entirely silent. I hope none of us will be seeing an end to our websites, hard work, friends & supportive followers.


“Give me Lizardry or give me Death!” – Dawn Renee♥


  1. Oh, please tell me more! How in the world do you get banned or censored or suspended for having a lizard blog? I’ve been assigned to write an article about social media censorship, and I’m trying to collect first-hand experiences from other bloggers. I’ll protect your identity, of course–please just tell me all about it. You can email me at

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  2. Oh no, no. It hasn’t happened – yet anyway. I suppose the whole thing is easily misleading. My apologies. One goal of the post was to point out the wrongness I see in the deplatforming of so many people. Obviously, a level of being fed-up had been reached. Again, I regret that the phrasing is unclear, a slight revision will be made shortly. I am very interested in reading the article, could you let us know the way to access it upon completion?


  3. As someone who had a video I made about Hitler (basically showing how Hitler had brainwashed the German people in his march to power and his march to war) 11 years ago suddenly taken down 2 weeks ago by YouTube on the premise it violated “community standards by promoting hatred”, I express my solidarity with Murph’s concerns.

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  4. Ugh… so there goes another video down the tube to silence, for which someone worked hard to accumulate knowledge to share with the world. I thank you.


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